Happy Happy Wedding!

Hello Amigo!!

Sorry for the long absence here because I was quite busy going out with my family  (who came over to attend my wedding) and friends. Right after my wedding party, I’m given the task to bring my family & relatives to sight-seeing in Japan. 🙂

Then after they went back home, my friend from Singapore who was also in Japan for about a month plus, came over to my house for a short stay over. We met up with other friends to go sight-seeing in Kawagoe but the weather wasn’t good to us as it was raining the whole day. 😦

And then, this week, I met my host Mama from Hiroshima as she was in Tokyo for some appointments and the following day I went to DisneySea with other 2 friends. 😀

With these events, my updates here was delayed. (. _ .)


I managed to upload my wedding party’s photos in my personal Facebook account and I’m going to share it here too! 😀

Click on the photo above and Enjoy!!

Wedding Welcome Board

The lifetime event of me & Y-chan’s can’t be completed without the help of our friends. The owner of My Paper Pigeon is a friend of mine and she’s so nice to draw a super cute piece of Wedding Welcome board to place on the reception area during our Wedding day. ♥♥

She’s ok with English, Mandarin and Japanese (yes, I know I have talented friends around), so don’t hesitate to contact her for a customised project now! 😀

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of engaging her again during year-end for orders on New Year’s greeting cards! 🙂

Wedding Preparation: 70% mark

We’re finally hitting the 70% mark for our wedding preparation!! 😀

During the last 3 days of March, we went back to Yamaguchi again for photoshoot and the last face-to-face discussion with the wedding planner before the big day. We wanted to have another final discussion in May, but it’s too costly for us so the planner squeezed everything into that last discussion when we’re there.

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Wedding Preparation: 50% completed

Finally the preparation has reached the half-way mark! 😀

After our trip back to Yamaguchi in January (link here), we went back again this month to decide on the dinner menu and also to collect the invitation cards.

Tell me, what is a wedding celebration without good food? 😉

We attended the hotel’s food tasting event together with Y-chan’s mum, aunt & his younger brother. We were seated according to the dinner course we’ve decided beforehand.


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A short update of…

my wedding preparations. 🙂

Well well well…… I wanted to write this right after I came back from Yamaguchi, but I procrastinated it till today. *sends guilty look* 😐

So few weeks ago, we went back to Yamaguchi for a short 4 days stay. Or 3 days to be exact because we arrived at Yamaguchi in the evening which felt like a day was wasted. We are using the air transport more frequently as it’s cost saving. The tickets we paid was about 40,000yen (for 2 pax) compared to bullet train fares which will cost double the price.

Why we went back Yamaguchi???

  1. Y-chan to attend his friend’s wedding
  2. Our wedding preparations
  3. Visit grandma.

While Y-chan went to attend his friend’s wedding, I went on a date with his sister (with allowance given by grandma). 😀

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