Kate-Katy: Off-White Chiffon Skirt

Whoop whoop! Hello! I’m already on my 3rd post for Kate-Katy‘s collaboration and I’m enjoying it. 😀 However, I just….. can’t pose for the camera. (T__T) That’s my main concern now. *screams for help*

Anyways, for this series of snaps, I took it when I went for hydrangea viewing with Y-chan. Hope you all really don’t mind my pose. ):


The skirt is of really good material and it has an extra lining inside so it’s not translucent! I think Korean’s are quite tall because after I wore this long skirt, the ends of the skirt touches the ground. That’s why I wore a wedge sandals to lift up my height! 😀 I matched a brown Longchamp’s bag to complete my outfit (not shown on photo because Y-chan helped me carried it).

Blue tie-front shirt: Forever21 | Black embellished tank top: Lowrys Farm | Chiffon skirt: Kate-Katy | Wedge sandals: Honey’s | Bracelet: Gucci

Kate-Katy: White Linen & Chiffon Blazer

Hello! Following my previous post about collaborating with Kate-Katy (Korean fashion apparel online store), I’m going to do a 2nd post of the apparel they’ve sent me.

As mentioned in the title, I was presented with a white linen & chiffon blazer. This is so light-weight and it’s in the color of Summer this year! As I was scrolling through instagram, I saw many fashionistas wearing white blazer and thought it’s so cool. So glad that I’m able to have it in my wardrobe now! Thank you Kate-Katy!! ♥♥

Hope you like my snaps! 😀

White linen & chiffon blazer

White linen & chiffon blazer  White linen & chiffon blazer

White linen & chiffon blazer

Front - Linen material

Front – Linen material

Back view - Chiffon material

Back view – Chiffon material

Most (or at least the items I see on their online store) of Kate-Katy’s apparels are M.I.K (Made In Korea), so I believe that the quality is guaranteed! 😀

White Linen & Chiffon blazer: Kate-Katy | Lavender camisole: Forever21 | Jeggings: Lowrys Farm | Wedge Sandals: Honey’s | Clutch: Resexxy | Necklace: Online store in Singapore