A short update of…

my wedding preparations. 🙂

Well well well…… I wanted to write this right after I came back from Yamaguchi, but I procrastinated it till today. *sends guilty look* 😐

So few weeks ago, we went back to Yamaguchi for a short 4 days stay. Or 3 days to be exact because we arrived at Yamaguchi in the evening which felt like a day was wasted. We are using the air transport more frequently as it’s cost saving. The tickets we paid was about 40,000yen (for 2 pax) compared to bullet train fares which will cost double the price.

Why we went back Yamaguchi???

  1. Y-chan to attend his friend’s wedding
  2. Our wedding preparations
  3. Visit grandma.

While Y-chan went to attend his friend’s wedding, I went on a date with his sister (with allowance given by grandma). 😀

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Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!! 😀 😀 😀

It’s already 2014 and hope the beginning of the year has been fairly good? Yes? No?

For me, it’s quite a slow and smooth start. Hope the pace will continue till the year ends. 🙂

Y-chan and I went to 氷川神社 for 初詣 (hatsumoude). 初詣 means the first visit to the shrine/temple of the new year. Then yesterday, together with Bim and neechan, we went to 明治神宮. And of course, I did picked the omikuji (fortune reading) and got 吉 again (same as last year’s picked).

A short update of what I’m expecting from 2014?

First thing would be…. My wedding ceremony. Since the last discussion with the wedding planner in April 2013, not much progress was made since then. So we’ll be going back in mid-January to have our second discussion done. That includes the selection of wedding gown. 🙂 Can’t wait for May to come soon!!

Next would be to find a job (maybe)? I still want to enjoy my housewife lifestyle. 😦 But at this pace, having a little K would be a little difficult. Not to even mention, owning a house. *sighs* Well, I’ll see how things goes before deciding on a job.

Anyway, I’ve yet to set my resolutions for the year. Have you? 😉