Wedding Preparation: 70% mark

We’re finally hitting the 70% mark for our wedding preparation!! 😀

During the last 3 days of March, we went back to Yamaguchi again for photoshoot and the last face-to-face discussion with the wedding planner before the big day. We wanted to have another final discussion in May, but it’s too costly for us so the planner squeezed everything into that last discussion when we’re there.

So thankful that the photoshoot went smoothly although the night before it was raining like crazy. 😀 Sorry for the jitters all over the clothes as I’m still thinking if I should upload it before the ceremony. At least now you know how I’ll look though! 😉

After the photoshoot, we took an hour’s break and then went to the hotel for our last discussion with the planner. Exhausted 4 hours discussing about the schedule of the day, paper items that need final confirmation, table arrangements (including table cloths selections), bridal bouquet & flowers arrangements and lastly, discussion with the MC. *PHEW* 😐

By the way, I would like to side-track a little but it’s related to the wedding preparation. 🙂 Have you all heard of Wedding Board?


It’s usually placed at the reception area to welcome the guests and depending on the designs of the wedding boards, some allow guests to write messages for the wedding couple. I was looking for something handmade and cute. And I have talented friends around me, so I asked a friend of mine to help me out. She’s too kind because she has a full-time job yet taking time during weekends to draft and draw for us.



Tiger & Dragon. LOL 🙂 Our zodiac animals representing us, dressed in traditional Japanese wedding look.

If you’re interested in engaging her for a customised projects (invitation cards/ greeting cards), do visit her FB page at:

My Paper Pigeon

OK! These sums up the 20% jump from my previous post. So excited because the countdown calendar reads 46 days left!!! OMG. SO FAST CAN!!! :O

That’s about it and I need to go do some stretching soon.

Till then! ♥♥♥


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