Rockabilly Dolls & My Look ♥

HELLOOOO~~~♥ I’m so looking forward to write on this post because it’s about EMODA’s A/W 2014 – Rockabilly Dolls, and my purchase (or more like my present from Y-chan). 😀


This is EMODA’s stylebook for A/W 2014 and you may access it via here. Everything in there is just dope, and out of all the awesome styling in this book, these are some that I personally love!

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My recent trend – Sengoku Period

Hello friends..! September’s been way too good to me because the weather is quite cooling as compared to last year. 😀 and Y-chan gave me a very big present for my birthday (will post the stuff he gave me in the next post). *grinns*

So recently (or actually the past 1 year or so), I’m quite into the Japanese’s Sengoku period (戦国時代) history where it’s almost equivalent to China’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

This ‘trend’ in me started when I first watched TV Asahi’s drama – Chef of Nobunaga. I watched not because of the main actor but for the story. From this drama, I’ve learnt the few main figures (or warlords) from the Sengoku period – Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. After learning the basics of Sengoku period from Y-chan, we even went to visit Nagoya castle last year (read post here). 🙂

Then Y-chan decided to get this game for us to play since I get to learn the history & we can somehow ‘bond’. LOL

戦国無双4 バナー画像From this game, I indeed learnt a whole lot more historic figures as compared to TV, and textbooks are too dull for me. :p (Btw, the above 2 samurais are Sanada Yukimura & Sanada Nobuyuki – yes, they’re siblings but battled against each other in one of the war.) In one of the game, I almost smacked my controller into Y-chan’s face because he ‘changed’ the history which resulted in a failed mission. (-__- #)

This game is addictive because you get to de-stress and some of the characters inside are just too good-looking. 😀 😀 😀

I guess it’s also a trend in Japan for the past 1 year and even now because NHK is currently airing a portion of the Sengoku period drama – General Kanbe (軍師官兵衛) which I want want to watch but due to personal issue, I’m restricting myself not to watch any NHK stuff. *sighs* Okada Junichi ♥

Movies such as Kiyosu Conference (清洲会議) is more of a comedy movie and is easy to digest for newbies. 🙂

Alright, this post is getting kind of boring and I know I should stop here. LOL Although I know I’m not the only one who’s into this Sengoku period trend because my friend, A also has interest in it. 😀

P/s: I’m hoping I can go visit Odawara castle this year which is also an excuse to go sight seeing in Hakone… 😉