Happy Happy Wedding!

Hello Amigo!!

Sorry for the long absence here because I was quite busy going out with my family  (who came over to attend my wedding) and friends. Right after my wedding party, I’m given the task to bring my family & relatives to sight-seeing in Japan. 🙂

Then after they went back home, my friend from Singapore who was also in Japan for about a month plus, came over to my house for a short stay over. We met up with other friends to go sight-seeing in Kawagoe but the weather wasn’t good to us as it was raining the whole day. 😦

And then, this week, I met my host Mama from Hiroshima as she was in Tokyo for some appointments and the following day I went to DisneySea with other 2 friends. 😀

With these events, my updates here was delayed. (. _ .)


I managed to upload my wedding party’s photos in my personal Facebook account and I’m going to share it here too! 😀

Click on the photo above and Enjoy!!

Wedding Welcome Board

The lifetime event of me & Y-chan’s can’t be completed without the help of our friends. The owner of My Paper Pigeon is a friend of mine and she’s so nice to draw a super cute piece of Wedding Welcome board to place on the reception area during our Wedding day. ♥♥

She’s ok with English, Mandarin and Japanese (yes, I know I have talented friends around), so don’t hesitate to contact her for a customised project now! 😀

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of engaging her again during year-end for orders on New Year’s greeting cards! 🙂