My Battle Gear in Winter

Hellos..! Autumn’s gone in a blink of an eye and it’s already winter here in Japan. Even my skin (especially my face) can alert me that it’s winter already because of the dry weather conditions.

Do you know that Singapore’s humidity is about 80~90% whereas the humidity in Japan right now is about 40%. That’s half of Singapore’s humidity and of course, my skin gets sensitive to the dry conditions. For example, the skin on my nose will start peeling, fingertips peeling and cuts that takes ages to heal. *sighs*

After experiencing last winter’s horrible experiences (i.e. endless peeling at fingertips and bad skin condition to put make up on), I’m doing something extra this year to stop those nightmares.

1. Nivea Cream

I found that this is cheap yet effective body cream as compared to the Kiehl’s body cream which I bought last year (too expensive for everyday use).

2. Face Moisturizing Machine


Y-chan gave me this last Christmas as I kept complaining to him about my skin conditions. Have been using this almost every night before sleep to keep my skin moist. I use it while having my face mask on as I think it gave the best results the following day. ♥

3. Air Purifier & Humidifier


Received this as a wedding gift from my host family in Hiroshima. As I mentioned that the air is extremely dry, using a humidifier while sleeping prevents my throat from getting dry the next morning.

4. Kotatsu (table with heater)


You usually see this in Japanese drama, anime and manga? It’s called kotatsu. A table with fan heater covered with futon. Basically you just sit on the floor, and stretch your legs in to keep them warm. It’s like a ‘black hole’ because once you’ve stretch your legs inside, you won’t feel like getting out of it. 😉

Lastly, lip balm & hand cream. They’re always with me where ever I go and hopefully I’ll be able to survive through this winter. 🙂

Pierre Hermé x Ohayo Dairy (Part 2)

Hellooooo! Remember my post back in Oct where I’ve wrote about Pierre Hermé’s collaboration works with Ohayo Dairy?

So after their 1st collaboration works (Ispahan yogurt) in October, which I believed it was quite a success, Ohayo Dairy just released their 2nd collaboration works with Pierre Hermé last week – Satine yogurt.

The flavours in the Satine yogurt is a little different from Pierre Hermé’s Satine macaron as it uses mango as part of the ingredients. The texture is same as before, creamy and frothy and as usual, the sour punch – strong orange & passion fruit flavour. There’s also orange peel bits mixed in the yogurt which I think is quite a refreshing idea as orange peel tends to leave a bitter note when one bite on the peel.

Having tried both flavours, I prefer Ispahan instead of Satine. Satine is quite sour as compared to Ispahan and I personally don’t really like orange. 😦

I hope they will continue this collaboration. Maybe Infiniment Café or Mogador flavours? 😀