I Finally Made it! (:

Woopie whoops.. Realised I haven’t been updating again as usual.

I’ve actually drafted up a post but decided not to publish it and have clicked the ‘delete’ button. So what have I been up to?

I had my visa renewed last month and the immigration office decided to give me a 3 years stay. 😀 When I received the card over the counter from the staff, I was soooo happy because this means that I don’t need to do the application paperwork every year (and mind you, the application fee is 4,000yen each).

And in mid March, I received a piece of good news via the family group chat. My brother has officially become a father! I’m so eager to meet my little baby niece but I think the earliest I can meet her would be in the second half of the year. 😦 For now, I can only ‘see’ her via photos posted on FB. *sighs*

Oh.. Oh OH!

After 10++ years, I’ve decided to start learning on how to ride a bicycle. Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks with you. I really don’t know how to ride a bicycle (okay, 2 wheeled bicycle) for all my life until 2 days back.

Family and friends around me all knows how to ride. *So ashamed of myself* 😐


This was me at around 9 ~ 10 years old? *See those training wheels still attached???* 

And the last ‘touch’ with bicycle was 5 years back when my group of friends decided to do a cycling trip. I had to get one of them to ‘carry’ me on the 2-seater bicycle. 😐 😐

Then, moving over to Japan. I have been told endless times by Y-chan that learning how to ride a bicycle is important in Japan. Not all places in Japan are easily accessible unlike Singapore. (And I believe we, Singaporeans are too pampered in some way.) I do want to learn how to ride and Y-chan is eager to coach me. The only red-light was my motivation. I kept saying Y-chan’s bicycle was too high, the weather’s too hot (during summer) and too cold to learn. I just kept procrastinating.

This year, my resolution was to give everything a try and start something new. So I told myself I need to settle this ‘problem’ and went online to order a foldable bicycle. 🙂

TOPONE(トップワン)20インチ折りたたみ自転車シマノ6段変速ギア搭載 カゴ標準装備 KGK206-09-BK ブラック

Over the weekend, we went to the nearest park to practice. I felt so nervous because there was a group of kids playing at the slides and I’m there learning to how ride a bicycle. *face palms* 

We went to another nearby park because Y-chan’s afraid I might lose control and knock down the kids. 😐 So I pedalled with Y-chan helping me to balance at the back, but after a few seconds, I realised I’m all alone. Pedaling and balancing the bicycle all by myself. :O

Seriously, I didn’t believe it at all because I thought it must be the help Y-chan gave. So I tried again and….. I managed to do it all by myself. 😀



This was my happy face when I could ride for the first time. 😀

Y-chan was apparently stunned that I managed to cycle within 2 hours and he sat at the bench staring blank. LOL

I guess I will need more practices before I can debut on the road. Can’t wait for the day to debut so that I can visit the cafe I’ve always wanted to visit. 😉