Spring Coordinate 1

Hellos! ♥♥♥
I’m going to try something new here in this space.

Spring has finally popped up from the evil winter, and it’s the best season to do anything. Like hanami outings, traveling and starting something new!
So I’m taking this chance to start a mini fashion coordinate here. 😉

Hope it does not sounds boring to you. 🙂


Spring Coordinate over here

Happy (belated) White Day!!

It was White Day here in Japan yesterday, and it’s exactly a month after Valentine’s Day. The culture here is a little different from the regular Valentine’s celebration. Go Google if you’re interested in what’s White Day. 😉

So during Valentine’s Day, I baked Y-chan blueberry yogurt cheesecake since he prefers cheesecake to chocolate cake. And in return, he gave me a box of lovely macarons from Pierre Hermé yesterday. The queue was crazy during this period and Y-chan waited near to an hour for it. :O

Another reason for Y-chan to get me (or rather us) such luxury was because 14th March is our 6th anniversary. It sounds unbelievable but this was our 1st time to spend it together. For the past 5 years, we’re in our own country working. And every time I see my SNS feed of couples spending their anniversary together, I quite envy them deep down somewhere. (._.) But envy no more since we’re staying together now. 😀

Okays, too much blabbering. Shall post the super nice box of macarons.

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Simple Handmade Velvet Choker

Hello everyone! It’s March already yet the weather here in Japan is still winter. 😦 How I wish spring can come soon because I’ve had enough of dry skin conditions and ice cold tap water.

Speaking of spring, many many fashion brands have started to release many spring collections which are all so awesomely pretty & cute. The trends for Spring this year would be gingham checks, white and pink colored items, off-shoulder (yes, many years back, it was a trend), cropped tops and high-waist bottoms. To prepare myself for spring, I’ve bought a piece of gingham tops to jump into this trend.

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