Hello Hydrangea!

Over the weekend, Y-chan and I went to Omiya Park for a relatively long osanpo (walk) and also to see my favorite flower – Hydrangea. 😀

In Japan, hydrangea starts to bloom when it enters the rainy season which is usually end May till end June. So I went to check Omiya Park’s official website and they have updated that hydrangea has started to bloom. I didn’t want to miss any chance so we decided to go over the weekend.

Saw this while on our way to the train station near our house. Can you imagine my excitement when I saw it blooming so beautifully? 😀

Took the train to reach Omiya station and from there, we walked through Hikawa Shrine towards Omiya Park #2 to reach the hydrangea garden. I think we’ve walked 2.5 km and that day I wore wedge sandals (my legs almost gave up)! 😦 Everything was worth it because…. I got to see my favorite flowers in many colors!! [Please enjoy the slideshow!!]

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I also managed to take some coordinate snaps for Kate-Katy and it’ll be posted soon. 😀 And! And!!! I’m going to change my Spring header to Summer header as advised by my friend.

Ending this post with a photo of me and Y-chan. 😀

Look at my jawline! ((:

Look at my jawline! ((: