A day trip to Miyajima

Hello everyone! I’m back from my summer vacation and I’m kinda suffering the post-vacation syndrome. While we were back in Y-chan’s grandma place, we don’t need to worry on what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we can have air-conditioner switched on while we sleep. These are almost impossible when we’re back in our own apartment. Among these, we’re so glad that grandma looks much better compared to the last visit in May last year. 😀

So anyway, we have to go Hiroshima for a night’s stay because Y-chan has to attend a friend’s wedding and I’m left alone (shopping). Took a local train from Yamaguchi to Hiroshima and that takes about 3 hours to reach. There was another choice which is to take the Shinkansen (about an hour journey), but I wanted to see the scenery of Inland Sea (瀬戸内海). So yeah, local train. 😐 On the second day, we had okonomiyaki for lunch at Hiroshima station before we head off to Miyajima. It’s our first time as a couple to visit Miyajima because the first time we went there together was with my exchange group.

Alrightsssss! Photos time!


The city tram – Hiroden (Hiroshima Dentetsu).moneychanging

Coins changing machine/Paspy charging machine – If you don’t own a Paspy IC card, you’ll have to pay in cash. What happens if you don’t have the exact coins to pay for your fare? Use this machine. 🙂 It’ll change your 500yen coin to a few 100yen coins, 50yen coins and 10yen coins.

And oh! My dear Singaporeans, if you’re paying your fare trip in cash, it’s unlike Singapore where you have to pay first before boarding. You’ll pay when you alight at your stop. 😀okonomiyakiteppan

Okonomiyaki stall in Hiroshima station. The one I went to is Icchan (いっちゃん).

I had my first Hiroshima Okonomiyaki when I was in Secondary school? There was this stall at B2 of Takashimaya food hall near the escalator (it’s now gone because the owner went back to Hiroshima). And from then on, I’m in love with it. 😀 negiokonomiyaki

Y-chan’s Negi Okonomiyaki soba version (Okonomiyaki topped with lots of spring onions), 900yen.cheeseudonokonomiyaki

This was mine. Cheese Okonomiyaki udon version (half-size), 900yen. You may choose between soba or udon, and I chose udon. Then, if you have a small appetite (like me), you can order half-size. BUT, the price would be the same as a normal sized one. orzshikacouple

These furry messengers from heaven welcomed us after we alighted the cruiser. heartbutt


Asked a guy to help us take a photo of the gigantic torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine 厳島神社 (and got photobombed by a tourist behind, that explains the awfully cropped photo). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Inside Itsukushima Shrine and it was at low-tide, we could see lots of sea creatures crawling out from the bed. miyajimacoffee

Had a rest at Miyajima Itsuki Coffee (伊都岐珈琲) because the weather was hot & humid. Iced Americano at 400yen was quite a reasonable price considering it to be a touristy place. Itsuki Coffee has good ratings on TripAdvisor too, so if you’re in Hiroshima, do give it a visit.cafe

My new summer hat that I bought while shopping alone the day before. 😀miyajimagurume

Spent quite a lot on omiyage (souvenirs) and the above street food. 😉

1. Anago Chikuwa あなご竹輪 (served pipping hot!)

2. Yaki Kaki 焼き牡蠣 (grilled oysters – Hiroshima is famous for its oysters production and you need to give it a try unless you have allergies. There are some seasonings available on the table so feel free to add some.)

3. Age-manju 揚げまんじゅう (Deep-fried momiji manju)

4. Kaki kare pan 牡蠣カレーパン (I LOVE THIS! There are 2 big juicy oysters inside the deep fried curry bread.)babyshikaWhile we were heading back to the dock, this little bambi kinda sent us off. LOVE!!♥♥♥

Hiroshima holds a big big place in my heart because it was my first overseas trip (please excuse Malaysia) and I met my super nice host family and friends there (not knowing that one of them will be my future-husband).

I seldom hear of Singaporeans including Hiroshima in their itinerary which is kind of sad. 😦 No need to even mention Y-chan’s hometown, Yamaguchi. ._.

While on our way back on the local train, there was a group of ladies in their late 20s (perhaps?) who were talking so loudly that their conversations woke me up from my nap (I suspect I’m having motion sickness). I was so pissed about it that I said out to Y-chan in a tone loud enough for them to hear ‘This is so much noisier than the aeroplane we took!’ Straight after I said that, I went back to nap and woke up again to find out that they had shifted their seats away from us. LOL.

*I’m evil* 😉

Autumn: Growing Appetite

Hello… 🙂

Sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks.. it has been a good October to me so far! (though it’s getting kinda cold the past 2 days..)

I have always love October & November because it’s the Autumn season (my favorite season followed by Spring). Weather is good, food is awesome and everyone’s happy. 😀

Autumn is filled with many many food temptations. The seasonal products you can eat in this season is endless. From sweet potatoes, chestnuts, mackerels, salmons (and it’s roe), shrooms, persimmons and best of all, RICE. 🙂 🙂

My appetite grew just for this season. 😉


Hotate & Ikura donburi (Scallop & Salmon roe rice bowl) from Hokkaido Fair @ Seibu Ikebukuro departmental store. Massive bombing in the mouth..! 😀IMG_20141004_132433

Uni & Ikura donburi (Sea urchin & Salmon roe rice bowl). Y-chan loves uni so he ordered this. Fresh uni tastes sweet and this is just perfect. 🙂IMG_20141004_132449

An up-close shot of my hotate & ikura donburi. The raw scallop is so soft that it melts in the mouth. IMG_20141018_142830

Last weekend, we went to Omiya Ichiba (which was about 3km from our house) and had lunch at this shop Hanaichi which sells seafood set meal. 🙂

I ordered this Maguro nakaochi donburi + ebi fry set meal which comes with kani miso soup. There was a special campaign and this set lunch I ordered cost only 1,080yen. SO DAMNED CHEAP. 😀

Will definitely visit this shop again, although we have to walk around 45mins to reach this place.

And the following day, we took a train up north to attend a B-grade food festival. The food were reasonably priced at mostly 300yen and 600yen. So we went a little cray cray and bought a lot of food. :OIMG_20141019_104649

Kushi katsu pi – Pork & Onion cutlet topped with crushed peanuts. This was good! Onion was soft and sweet.IMG_20141019_104733

Chabu soba – Something like yakisoba tomato ketchup was used instead of yakisoba sauce. Not nice at all. ):IMG_20141019_110058

Super flat udon. ♥ Thank goodness we queued up for this early, if not we have to wait at least 30mins for this. IMG_20141019_111347Maguro katsu with shoyu sauce. This is awesome major love! Super big chunks of tuna dipped in shoyu sauce. ♥

We bought some other food but I’d forgotten to take photos of it. 😦 *pats shoulder*

Sorry if I have made you hungry with the photos, but I’m trying to PR to all of you that Autumn is the best season to visit Japan. 😉

Hope my Autumn food adventures continues to November! ♥

Spaghetti with Gravy – Spaghetti Como

Hello and YES! Finally my last post on my Nagoya food hunt. This is the first item that we had upon reaching Nagoya. There’s a lot of restaurants selling this and after scanning through some reviews, we decided to settle on Spaghetti Como.

Spaghetti Como is located at Sakae Skyle, a very good location just beside Sakae station. The restaurant was quite empty when we entered, however about 10 minutes later, it’s filled with working adults and elderly having their late lunch.

The whole list of menu available. So many unique names yet every dish looks the same to me. (O_O) I think the most popular ones would be the 2nd item from the list – ミラネーゼ.

The interior of the restaurant. A lot of elderly frequents this restaurant. 

This is my order – Marengo (マレンゴ). Sauce (gravy), sausages and vegetables. The spaghetti used was quite thick and soft. So if you’re looking for the al dente spaghetti, you might be disappointed with this dish. Anyways, the gravy was quite sour. I guessed it’s the specialty of this dish? I couldn’t finish this whole plate because the serving was huge. Overall, I think it’s quite a normal dish and given another chance, I would have queue up for Unagi instead. *sighs*

And one negative point about this restaurant is that they allowed smokers to smoke at their tables. This obviously spoilt our appetites while having our lunch.

Miso Udon Stew – 山本屋総本家

Yes! I’m back to introduce one of the must-eat when you’re in Nagoya. 😀

Miso Nikomi Udon (味噌煮込みうどん – Miso Udon stew).

There’s quite a number of restaurants serving this stew but I insisted on going to this particular restaurant (and main branch) because of personal reason. 😉 The restaurant name is 山本屋総本家. There’s another restaurant with similar name – 山本屋本店, but I believe they also serve great miso udon stew. 😀

So many years back, while I was watching w-inds.‘ DVD concert, my favourite member went to this particular restaurant to have this miso udon stew. It looked so good that I told myself that I must eat this when I am in Nagoya.

The entrance of the restaurant. It’s a stand-alone building by itself and has about 3 or 4th floors. It was so hot outside that we hesitated about having this udon stew to something ‘cooler’.

We entered the restaurant and got a seat on the 2nd floor. The menu focused mainly on the miso udon stew with some side dishes such as miso oden and miso skewered beef tendon. We ordered the miso udon stew only so that our stomachs will have space for other stuff. 😉

The miso udon stew is served in this claypot and it was pipping hot.

The aroma of the miso was soooooo good after removing the lid. I ordered the most normal item (without the egg). There’s green onions, kamaboko (fish paste) and fried tofu skin.

One thing to note about this miso udon stew is the ‘texture’ of the udon. It’s meant to be a little harder and chewy than the udon we normally eat. However, you may request to the staff to cook the udon a little longer.

I thought I might not finish the stew because it looks so thick and strong in taste but I actually finished it completely. It’s light and refreshing as compared to what I had imagine. So good that I want to eat it again during winter. 😀 (oops, sorry for re-using the photo)

While waiting for our orders to arrive, I spotted w-inds. signature!!!! 😀

By the way, there’s 2 restaurants in Tokyo too. Maybe I shall make a visit again before the year ends!

Official website: http://yamamotoya.co.jp/day/index.html

Main branch:

Miso Katsu Don – 味処 叶

Greetings!! How was your week? Must be hectic as usual I guess? Well, before August ends, I decided to write 1 post about the must-eat food post when you’re in Nagoya.

Miso Katsu Don – Pork loin cutlet dipped in Haccho-miso sauce (topped off with half-boiled egg)

Besides Nagoya Cochin, Haccho-miso (八丁味噌) is also one of the local produce in Nagoya. It’s categorised under the red miso group and has a deeper taste as compared to the normally used yellow miso. (You may read about the different miso groups here.)

I chanced upon this restaurant while searching through a food report website – 食べログ (similar to our hungrygowhere). We wanted to visit this restaurant on our first night in Nagoya but to find out that they were closed on every Monday. So we re-visited them the following night (after our Ise Jingu bus trip) and managed to get the last 2 seats before full house. 😀

The inside of the restaurant looks like this. It’s quite compact and we doesn’t have much leg space while seated. I think this restaurant is quite popular because I spotted some famous people on the wall. 😀

板東英二さん (The guy on the far left was former baseball player and now an entertainer)

Y-chan playing games while waiting for the food to be served.

It took around 20 minutes before it’s served on our table.

Look at the glaze of the miso sauce on the pork cutlet. The sauce may looks thick and heavy after a few bites but it’s not! It has a light after taste and together with the half-boiled egg, you get another new taste.

The clam miso soup which came with the set was so good that I wanted to order another bowl to satisfy my stomach. 😀

When we were halfway through our meal, the customers (on the 2nd floor) were descending from the stairs and they were from Hong Kong. How come I know? Because of their English and Cantonese accent. It seems like this restaurant is not only popular with locals, they’re also popular with tourists! 😛

味処 叶 (Aji-dokoro Kanou)

〒460-0008 愛知県名古屋市中区栄3丁目4-110

Tel: 052-241-3471