A day trip to Miyajima

Hello everyone! I’m back from my summer vacation and I’m kinda suffering the post-vacation syndrome. While we were back in Y-chan’s grandma place, we don’t need to worry on what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we can have air-conditioner switched on while we sleep. These are almost impossible when we’re back in our own apartment. Among these, we’re so glad that grandma looks much better compared to the last visit in May last year. 😀

So anyway, we have to go Hiroshima for a night’s stay because Y-chan has to attend a friend’s wedding and I’m left alone (shopping). Took a local train from Yamaguchi to Hiroshima and that takes about 3 hours to reach. There was another choice which is to take the Shinkansen (about an hour journey), but I wanted to see the scenery of Inland Sea (瀬戸内海). So yeah, local train. 😐 On the second day, we had okonomiyaki for lunch at Hiroshima station before we head off to Miyajima. It’s our first time as a couple to visit Miyajima because the first time we went there together was with my exchange group.

Alrightsssss! Photos time!


The city tram – Hiroden (Hiroshima Dentetsu).moneychanging

Coins changing machine/Paspy charging machine – If you don’t own a Paspy IC card, you’ll have to pay in cash. What happens if you don’t have the exact coins to pay for your fare? Use this machine. 🙂 It’ll change your 500yen coin to a few 100yen coins, 50yen coins and 10yen coins.

And oh! My dear Singaporeans, if you’re paying your fare trip in cash, it’s unlike Singapore where you have to pay first before boarding. You’ll pay when you alight at your stop. 😀okonomiyakiteppan

Okonomiyaki stall in Hiroshima station. The one I went to is Icchan (いっちゃん).

I had my first Hiroshima Okonomiyaki when I was in Secondary school? There was this stall at B2 of Takashimaya food hall near the escalator (it’s now gone because the owner went back to Hiroshima). And from then on, I’m in love with it. 😀 negiokonomiyaki

Y-chan’s Negi Okonomiyaki soba version (Okonomiyaki topped with lots of spring onions), 900yen.cheeseudonokonomiyaki

This was mine. Cheese Okonomiyaki udon version (half-size), 900yen. You may choose between soba or udon, and I chose udon. Then, if you have a small appetite (like me), you can order half-size. BUT, the price would be the same as a normal sized one. orzshikacouple

These furry messengers from heaven welcomed us after we alighted the cruiser. heartbutt


Asked a guy to help us take a photo of the gigantic torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine 厳島神社 (and got photobombed by a tourist behind, that explains the awfully cropped photo). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Inside Itsukushima Shrine and it was at low-tide, we could see lots of sea creatures crawling out from the bed. miyajimacoffee

Had a rest at Miyajima Itsuki Coffee (伊都岐珈琲) because the weather was hot & humid. Iced Americano at 400yen was quite a reasonable price considering it to be a touristy place. Itsuki Coffee has good ratings on TripAdvisor too, so if you’re in Hiroshima, do give it a visit.cafe

My new summer hat that I bought while shopping alone the day before. 😀miyajimagurume

Spent quite a lot on omiyage (souvenirs) and the above street food. 😉

1. Anago Chikuwa あなご竹輪 (served pipping hot!)

2. Yaki Kaki 焼き牡蠣 (grilled oysters – Hiroshima is famous for its oysters production and you need to give it a try unless you have allergies. There are some seasonings available on the table so feel free to add some.)

3. Age-manju 揚げまんじゅう (Deep-fried momiji manju)

4. Kaki kare pan 牡蠣カレーパン (I LOVE THIS! There are 2 big juicy oysters inside the deep fried curry bread.)babyshikaWhile we were heading back to the dock, this little bambi kinda sent us off. LOVE!!♥♥♥

Hiroshima holds a big big place in my heart because it was my first overseas trip (please excuse Malaysia) and I met my super nice host family and friends there (not knowing that one of them will be my future-husband).

I seldom hear of Singaporeans including Hiroshima in their itinerary which is kind of sad. 😦 No need to even mention Y-chan’s hometown, Yamaguchi. ._.

While on our way back on the local train, there was a group of ladies in their late 20s (perhaps?) who were talking so loudly that their conversations woke me up from my nap (I suspect I’m having motion sickness). I was so pissed about it that I said out to Y-chan in a tone loud enough for them to hear ‘This is so much noisier than the aeroplane we took!’ Straight after I said that, I went back to nap and woke up again to find out that they had shifted their seats away from us. LOL.

*I’m evil* 😉


Happy New Year (guess I’m the only one who’s late in my greetings..)

I’ve failed to post this up before 2014 ends so here I am, beginning 2015 post with it. 🙂

While planning for our winter trip to Nikkō (Part 1 and Part 2), I’ve did some research on where to eat (for lunch) near Nikkō station so that we don’t end up with repetitive menu, i.e. soba and yuba.

After an hour of research, I came across NIKKO COFFEE site and I’ve decided to include it for our trip.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

NIKKO COFFEE’s signature coffee mug served on a tin saucer. Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

NIKKO COFFEE’s Japanese signboard.Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

An English version.


Interior of the shop. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

As the shop itself does not have built-in heaters, the shop staff placed 2 stoves in the middle of the shop to warm up the area.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The kitchen and counter. They have only 2 staff in the shop so the food items ordered may take a while for it to be served. IMG_20141214_130150

Menu with cute illustrations of Nikkō.IMG_20141214_132026

This was placed together in the cutlery basket. I thought it was sugar sachets but it turned out to be wet hand wipes. :O We were given only 1 each so I couldn’t take 1 extra back home for a friend as souvenir as she likes to draw & illustrate. IMG_20141214_131942

I ordered their signature oven-baked black curry set. Rice was covered with big chunks of pork in black curry, topped with grilled vegetables, egg and cheese and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. *YUMMMMS* I am craving for it whenever I see this photo. IMG_20141214_131958

This is Y-chan’s order. NIKKO COFFEE signature black curry set. It’s the same curry used but served differently. 🙂

They do serve other dishes other than curry, like galette and omurice. 😀IMG_20141214_135502

MINE. Chiffon cake drizzled with caramel and topped with whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Perfect match. IMG_20141214_135517

Y-chan’s favorite dessert – Cheesecake. I didn’t try it but according to Y-chan, he said it was good. 🙂

We were very very satisfied with our lunch and it ended our trip with a happy stomach. Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetBrought home a pack of NIKKO blend to drink. Love their simple coffee pack design.

If you’re planning to visit Nikkō and am looking for a place to dine in, give this shop a try! 😀

NIKKO COFFEE official site: http://nikko-coffee.com

Nagoya Morning

Hello everyone! I’m back to write about the must-eat post when you’re in Nagoya. 😀

You might ask me what is Nagoya Morning? It’s a term used to describe Breakfast. However, it’s somehow a little different from the normal breakfast.

So normally, you’ll walk into a coffee store or cafe and order a set of breakfast together with a cup of coffee (or tea or something you’d like to drink) right? In Nagoya, most coffee store or cafe will have ‘morning service’ (モーニングサービス).

This ‘Morning Service’ means that you get to have a slice (in this case, it’s half a slice) of bread spread with margarine and a boiled egg for FREE when you order a cup of coffee (or drink irregardless of the cost).

In addition to it, I topped up 100yen for a serving of azuki (red beans) to make an Ogura Toast (小倉トースト). 😀

To be honest, I think it tasted normal. I guess it’s the FREE breakfast that’s attractive. The coffee store that I’ve went to is Komeda’s Coffee (コメダ珈琲), however if you visit other coffee stores or cafes, you might get something like this.

As I know that half a slice of bread and boiled egg is not enough for me, I ordered a dessert to finish off my breakfast. 😀

The Shiro Noir (シロノワール). I ordered a mini one though. 🙂

Hot danish bread topped with vanilla soft serve and syrup. *SLURPPPS*

Y-chan and I left the coffee store with a happy stomach. 😀

Komeda’s Coffee: http://www.komeda.co.jp/

A list of cafes that serve Nagoya Morning: http://nagoya.xtone.jp/gourmet/morning_nagoya_list.html


Helloo! Today I’m going to share with you this pop-up coffee store in Omotesando, Tokyo.

SHOZO COFFEE STORE is located near Omotesando station, inside this shared common space called 246 COMMON.

I first hear of this coffee store while browsing through my instagram feed. 😛 Then I went online to check out this coffee store as it looked super good on instagram.

SHOZO COFFEE was first opened in Tochigi Pref., Nasu-Shiobara city in the year 1988. All of the coffee stores are located within Nasu-Shiobara city except this particular pop-up store in Tokyo so I decided to give it a visit.

They have a range of goods such as coffee beans (in 100g and 200g), scones, madeleines and muffins.

I ordered a cup of iced café au lait as I was craving for something cold. I like it a lot as the aroma and acidity was just right for me and I bought a bag of grounded beans home. 😀

If you’re around Omotesando or Harajuku, do drop by this coffee store to have a cup before it’s gone.

SHOZO official site: http://www.shozo.co.jp/

246 COMMON site: http://246common.jp/