Winter Nikkō – Day 2

Merry Christmas


Happy holidays and hope this photo is Christmas-sy enough. 😀

I’m going to continue Day 2 of my Nikkō trip. No worries, it’s not going to be as long as Day 1. 😉

So the photo above was taken at 6.30am from the hotel room and just nice the sun was beginning to rise, forming the unicorn colored sky.

We woke up early for a morning onsen dip before having our breakfast. By the way, onsen baths in Japan are mostly separated (men & women). So don’t let your mind go wild thinking that we dipped in the same bath. All I see was naked Japanese women. 😉

I guessed the time which I went was a little early? Only a handful of ladies in the bath and I somehow managed to get the whole open air bath all to myself. *grins* 😀 They must be thinking that it’s crazy to go outdoor in the morning because it was freezing cold. That moment was fantastic because it started to snow again. 🙂

As we arranged for the breakfast to be served at 8am, I made my way out the onsen to meet up with Y-chan before going to the dining area.


The Japanese style breakfast. ♥ The item inside the pot was a slice of fish and it was one of my favorite! 🙂 Along with onsen tamago, sashimi konjac, salad, yuba with boiled vegetables (inside the white bowl), house-made tofu, pickles and miso soup.

After breakfast, I went back to our room to pack up and put on my makeup. Dilly dally a little and check-out at 10am. The hotel’s hospitality is awesome! Initially, we had planned to visit a few places on our own after check-out but was informed that the hotel has private bus service that will bring their hotel guests for some sight-seeing before sending guests to the train station. Of course we opted for that option since it’s more convenient for us and don’t have to worry about missing the local bus service. 🙂


Lake Chuzenji, taken from inside the private bus. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In non-winter season, there’ll be cruise course in operation and you can even rent a boat to paddle through the lake. A thing you definitely won’t want to try in winter. 😉

After a 10mins ride, we arrived at Ryūzu Falls (竜頭ノ滝 Ryūzu no Taki). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The weather was so cold up in the mountains that a portion of the falls started to form icicle. There’s a hiking course beside it and the recommended season to visit would be autumn. 🙂

We didn’t stayed long as it was very cold. The bus driver then brought us to another sight-seeing spot which was about 15mins away from Ryūzu Falls.

The Kegon Falls (華厳の滝 Kegon no Taki).

It’s chosen as one of Japan’s best 3 Falls. The height is 97m high and the sound was just so powerful. I have taken a mini video of it and uploaded on my instagram account. (if you’re interested, do check out my profile)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A random photo with the yuba croquette mascot. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After this, we boarded the hotel’s private bus and arrived at Tobu Nikkō station. As we did not managed to check out the Taiyuuin Mausoleum (家光廟大猷院 is somehow a ‘graveyard’ for Tokugawa Iemitsu and is part of Rinnō-ji which we did not visit it) on the first day, we went there straight before having our lunch.

This place is under the National treasure list and it’s something worth visiting. Architectures and the surroundings have been well kept over the few hundred years. I’m not a fan of what Tokugawa Ieyasu did but he is one of the well-known shogun in the Tokugawa dynasty. No harm learning their names as it might help me when my future child asks me about Japan’s history. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Temizusha (手水舎) before entering the daiyuuin. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnder construction too. 😦 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The entrance is again, beautifully crafted. Cranes, Dragon and Pigeons.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The three lanterns that represents the Tokugawa dynasty’s main history. Owari, Kishu and Mito (尾張, 紀州 and 水戸). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ended our tour and went for lunch at a super awesome cafe which I researched for days. 😀 Will do that in a separate post. After lunch, we headed back to the train station to buy some omiyage (souvenirs) for ourselves and family before taking the train back home.

As the station is the terminal, the train was quite empty and we managed to get a seat. 😀 The inside of the 2 carriages train looks like this. So retro right! Felt like we time-slipped back to the 50s? 😉OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the front of the train we took back home. 🙂

Am glad that we came to Nikkō as it really recharged us (especially the onsen). I’m sure Y-chan is addicted to short trips with onsen facilities (just like me) because we kept saying that we should go for onsen trips again next year. 😀

I hope my Nikkō trip posts are not too boring to you. 😐 Will be writing about the cafe which we went for lunch in Nikkō soon. *hopefully I can publish it before the year ends!!*

To end this, here’s me wishing everyone Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas! ♥♥♥

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