Winter Nikkō – Day 1

(It’s going to be a long long post!)

I’m back from my short trip to Nikkō and am recharged for the rest of the year (well, not much days left though). 😀 Although it was just a night’s stay, we managed to visit all the places we wanted to go within the 2 days there. 🙂

So I was planning to visit Nikkō city during the autumn season but it was difficult getting an accommodation so I had no choice but to postpone the trip to mid-December. Well.. the suggested dates of our trip coincides with our monthsary so we decided to go with the plan. 😀

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Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki

Hello everyone! This post is much delayed because I was ‘busy’ preparing for my wedding which is happening on this Saturday. 😀

Anyways, during the Golden Week here in Japan, I went over to my good friend’s place in Ibaraki prefecture for a stayover. 🙂 She’ll be returning back to Singapore and I thought this would be a good chance to visit her and also sight-seeing in Ibaraki. Although it was just a 1 day 1 night stay in Ibaraki, the schedule was quite relax. 🙂

So she & her husband-to-be boyfriend brought us over to Hitachi Seaside Park. Nemophila & Tulips were in season during the time we visit. The Nemophila hill was such a beauty! Took endless photos with my phone since I’d forgotten to bring my camera.

Uploading a few shots I took. 😀

such a beauty!

Day trip to Gotemba Premium Outlet

Hellos! Haven’t been updating regularly because I was thinking of what to write. Not much happenings in life, so yes… not much updates. (._.)

Then a piece of good news came! Y-chan told me that he’ll be attending his company’s annual retreat and will be going to Hakone. (;_;) Knowing that I can’t tag along, I asked my friends if they’re interested to meet up for lunch or something. After some discussion, we decided to go Gotemba Premium Outlet. 😀

So we took bus from Shinjuku in the morning and was supposed to reach about 1030am (which is about 1½ hours ride). But to our horror…… there’s so much accidents on the road which the whole ride took an additional 2 hours to reach the outlet. Although we prepared some snacks in our bags, we were so hungry & thirsty by then that our stomachs didn’t welcome them at all. 😦

Upon reaching the outlet, we dashed to the food court to settle our lunch before shopping. And we gobbled down a cow…. Okay, sorry for exaggerating. A piece of steak. 🙂

I believed that it’s the weekend and everyone’s out to hunt for something because it was so crowded everywhere. AND, and… I finally bought the plates from Iittala which I’ve been aiming for months. Simple design and good for everyday use.

One of the main reason for us to visit the outlet was to see Mt. Fuji at a closer distance. 😀 As snow has already capped the tip of Mt. Fuji, it’s almost the best timing for viewing.

Mt. Fuji is such a beauty.

It’s such a waste that I forgot to bring my camera out with me. 😦 Only took a few shots with my lousy phone. *sighs*


After we’re done with our shopping, it was about time we have to board the bus to go back to Shinjuku. We thought it’d be a smooth trip back as compared to the morning’s traffic. BUT NO! Oh my goodness. It was supposed to be a 2 hours ride back but because of a fatal accident, it took us 4 hours to get back to Shinjuku. Our hunger nightmares began when we were informed of the traffic jam. *sighs* My bum was aching after sitting on the bus for 4 hours straight. (T_T)

Lesson learnt #1: pack ‘real’ food and a bottled drink in bag.

Lesson learnt #2: go during weekdays.

Lesson learnt #3: able to bitch about anything in foreign language (other than Japanese) at your own pace.

P/s: Can’t wait to attend the Singaporeans gathering organised by the embassy in December because I get to eat chicken rice, satay and laksa! 😀

The Wedded Rocks – 夫婦岩

Greetings!! I’ve been so lazy to blog recently.. (sighs) I blame it on the weather because it’s so good to just laze around.

And so I decided that I should complete all my posts about my Nagoya trip in August (that’s about 2, 3 more to go including this) this month! 🙂

We went to visit the Wedded Rocks (夫婦岩 – Meoto Iwa) following our visit to the Ise Grand Shrine. The Wedded Rocks are located just beside the Futami Okitama Shrine (二見興玉神社). We wanted to visit this place because it’s meant to bless couples with good relationship. 😀

Many of you might be familiar with this place once I show you the photo. 😀





oops 😉

Meoto Iwa – The rock on the left represents the male and the rock on the right represents the female. They’re ‘tied’ up together with a shimenawa (rope of rice straw). Shimenawa can be found at all shrines above the donation box.

The best timing to take photos would be in the early morning when the sun rises. Also, if you’re lucky enough, you might get a glimpse of Mt. Fuji from far.

Since we’re here, Y-chan and I decided to donate 500yen for an Ema (絵馬) to write down our wishes.

Frog statue donated by a city.

The building on the right is the Futami Okitama Shrine. Couples may hold their wedding ceremony at this shrine. I would love to do it here but it’s so far away from Y-chan’s hometown. 

Took a photo with the Meoto Iwa before heading back to our bus. 

This is the end of our one-day bus tour with H.I.S. The overall of this trip was good but can be better if the schedule is not that packed. I’m thinking of going on another bus tour again. 😀

If you’re interested, do read my previous posts about Ise Grand Shrine (part 1 & part 2). 😀