Dining inside the mountain!

Hello! In my previous post, Y-chan and I went to Dassai sake brewery in Iwakuni (岩国) and on our way back to Yamaguchi city, Y-chan’s aunt (Kazu-chan) brought us to this very famous place for dining in Iwakuni – Irori Sanzoku (いろり山賊).

This ‘restaurant’ is very different from normal Japanese restaurant because it’s located inside the mountain and you dine outdoor. The main characteristic of this restaurant is to enjoy the green scenery while dining. As it was quite crowded (Golden week in Japan), it took around 30~45 minutes for the food to arrive after placing the order.

For first timer, the expression will be this → (O_O) when the food is served. The portion is unbelievably huge. As it was my second time to this restaurant (first time was with Y-chan & his group of friends), I wasn’t shocked about the size and the presentation of the food.

All of us ordered sanzoku-yaki (山賊焼) and sanzoku-musubi (山賊むすび). The sanzoku-yaki is something like skewered BBQ-ed half chicken with teriyaki-like sauce while the sanzoku-musubi is a very big onigiri with 3 different fillings – ume (sour plum), konbu (kelp) and salmon.

They have many other dishes on their menu but we just wanted to have the simple ones to fill our stomach. Maybe I will want to try their sanzoku-udon and yakiniku-styled dishes next time because we saw many families ordered that. 😀

Irori Sanzoku’s official website here!

Dassai Sake Brewery

ImageGreetings! We’ve come back from Yamaguchi on Tuesday. It was a very fruitful trip back because we’ve managed to do a few activities. Activities that we have done/started:

  • Y-chan to attend his friend’s wedding
  • Appointment with the hotel w.r.t our wedding ceremony
  • Selection of my wedding dress
  • Visit to Dassai Sake Brewery
  • Eat Sanzoku-yaki (a kind of local gourmet in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi)

That’s me and Y-chan at the entrance of Dassai sake brewery (獺祭酒蔵). It’s located in one of the mountains in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi. Y-chan’s aunt (and her family) drove us there because just nice it’s a public holiday.

The aroma from the fermentation was awesome! Very sweet-smelling and not pungent at all. The rice which Dassai used to produce their sake was from Nishiki. A lower rank than Koshi-hikari which is the Special A rank. Everything there just reminds me of my poly days. Enjoyed it a lot because I somehow can relate to what was introduced. We received a bottle of the sake from Y-chan’s aunt and also bought a smaller bottle of it for a friend back in Tokyo.

I’ve heard from my friend that you can drink this in Singapore too! Just that I don’t know which shop is selling it. Do try it when you see this very complicated name in the restaurant! Support my husband’s hometown product! 😀

You can visit their official website here.