About Me

Hello, this is Erishia and thank you for visiting my site. I’m just a normal Singaporean who is married to a Japanese and currently living in Japan.

I’ve been in love with Japan since young because of the culture & food, but have never thought that I’ll be able to live there. My first trip to Japan was to Hiroshima and almost everything except spending expenses were all paid by my school. I have to thank my Japanese language sensei for giving me the award (or should I say chance?) and the opportunity to visit Japan as an exchange student.

That’s where I first met this Japanese student from the exchange school – Y. And who would have predicted that this student Y, is now my husband. 🙂

I would say that it’s totally a different lifestyle when you’re in Japan as a tourist or as a resident. I took quite a while to adjust myself into the environment but am getting the hang of it now. 🙂

Naming this blog ‘nonbirichan’ was because のんびり (nonbiri) means Carefree in Japanese (because I always take my own sweet time to do something..) and ちゃん (chan) has two meanings, 1. a form of addressing (i.e. Mr., Miss) and 2. my surname. 😀

Hope you’ll visit my site again (or hopefully, bookmarked it?). 🙂

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