Thep Thai – Thai restaurant

Few weeks ago, Y-chan and I went to this Thai restaurant, Thep Thai (テープタイ) because I was craving for spicy food. We searched online and managed to find this with ‘not bad’ reviews.

I am very particular about restaurants selling Thai / Singaporean food in Japan because… the chef will change it’s taste to suit the Japanese taste buds. As a Singaporean who is used to eating hot & spicy food, random restaurant selling these food in Japan tastes BAD. However, this Thep Thai restaurant was given some recognition from the Thai embassy or some association in Japan so we decided to give it a try.

They serve a variety of set lunches (main dish + salad + soup + free flow coffee/tea) and also a la carte. We dropped by for lunch and I’ve ordered tom yum noodles set and Y-chan ordered gapao set.

My set lunch came with a bowl of thai fragrant rice even though I’ve ordered noodles. The tom yum soup was quite sour than spicy but very good because it doesn’t compromise to the Japanese’s taste buds. (I overheard the other table customer’s order and she told the staff to be lenient on the spiciness.) Y-chan’s gapao was great! Although I think they could have added more basil to the dish. The salad was quite meh which I didn’t even finish it.

I wouldn’t mind going back to try their a la carte menu but maybe in a group of 3 – 4 because it can be quite expensive. Or, exploring other restaurants because recently I’ve found a newly opened French restaurant around that area. 😀