Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Hello everybardy, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Hong Bao Na Lai (恭喜发财,红包拿来)! 😀

I’m sure everyone back home in Singapore is celebrating & enjoying the Chinese New Year. (:


My Facebook & Instagram feeds are bombarded with food and wefies. And I just received a call from my family, my dad mentioned he made fish maw soup.. which is my favorite dish. FML

Knowing I can’t have the food, I’m thinking of how to counter attack this battle. Lol

By the way, my exciting February has been good. We went to DisneySea 2 weeks back and Hakone over the weekend. Will update more on the 2 trips together to save time for you (reading) and me (typing). 😀

Alrights, I’m going to prepare kimchi hotpot for dinner along with sashimi salad. CNY must eat fish to ensure there’s abundance for the year.

Meanwhile, enjoy all the bak kwa, prawn rolls, pineapple tarts and steamboats BUT don’t complain that you’ve gained XX weight and should start dieting.

Lol *just kidding*


Let’s talk about rubbish..

Hello! It’s been a long time since I last wrote here and wordpress has even updated the posting interface. :O

I’ve always wanted to write about rubbish disposal since I came over to Japan but I kept procrastinating on it. What pushes me to write it now was because I had to download my city’s rubbish collection calendar recently and it’s on my desktop now. 🙂

As I came from a country where recycling rubbish is not important, I find it a little stress to be living in Japan the first few months. Click to find out why..