Dassai Sake Brewery

ImageGreetings! We’ve come back from Yamaguchi on Tuesday. It was a very fruitful trip back because we’ve managed to do a few activities. Activities that we have done/started:

  • Y-chan to attend his friend’s wedding
  • Appointment with the hotel w.r.t our wedding ceremony
  • Selection of my wedding dress
  • Visit to Dassai Sake Brewery
  • Eat Sanzoku-yaki (a kind of local gourmet in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi)

That’s me and Y-chan at the entrance of Dassai sake brewery (獺祭酒蔵). It’s located in one of the mountains in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi. Y-chan’s aunt (and her family) drove us there because just nice it’s a public holiday.

The aroma from the fermentation was awesome! Very sweet-smelling and not pungent at all. The rice which Dassai used to produce their sake was from Nishiki. A lower rank than Koshi-hikari which is the Special A rank. Everything there just reminds me of my poly days. Enjoyed it a lot because I somehow can relate to what was introduced. We received a bottle of the sake from Y-chan’s aunt and also bought a smaller bottle of it for a friend back in Tokyo.

I’ve heard from my friend that you can drink this in Singapore too! Just that I don’t know which shop is selling it. Do try it when you see this very complicated name in the restaurant! Support my husband’s hometown product! 😀

You can visit their official website here.