starting again

I’ve decided to start writing again (in a new address) because I’ll be so ‘free’ after my move to Japan, being a housewife. Not tai-tai like everyone says! No money to enjoy afternoon tea or whatsoever. So I would like to use this space to do some updates of my life in a different country.

I’ll be resuming this ‘job’ from 30th March, which is the day I will touched down in Japan on my 1 year visa. Speaking of visa, getting a long-term visa to Japan is so troublesome. I almost wanted to ‘throw rubbish’ at the immigration office and puked blood while waiting for it to be approved. I need to have this document called ‘Certificate of Eligibility’ before I can go down to the embassy in Singapore to apply for my visa.

This document took 2 months and 1 week to reach me, which I thought was incredibly LONG considering that I’m applying for T-status. Worst of all, the document was dated 26th February but the post only reached my house in Japan on the 16th. HELLO IMMIGRATION OFFICE, WHY THE DELAY? (-___- |||) Okay lah, I know I shouldn’t complain that much. At least I managed to get it approved instead of a rejection letter. Keeping my fingers crossed when I’m at the local municipal office to register my existence.


I am so looking forward to my new life living together with KY. 😀