Spaghetti with Gravy – Spaghetti Como

Hello and YES! Finally my last post on my Nagoya food hunt. This is the first item that we had upon reaching Nagoya. There’s a lot of restaurants selling this and after scanning through some reviews, we decided to settle on Spaghetti Como.

Spaghetti Como is located at Sakae Skyle, a very good location just beside Sakae station. The restaurant was quite empty when we entered, however about 10 minutes later, it’s filled with working adults and elderly having their late lunch.

The whole list of menu available. So many unique names yet every dish looks the same to me. (O_O) I think the most popular ones would be the 2nd item from the list – ミラネーゼ.

The interior of the restaurant. A lot of elderly frequents this restaurant. 

This is my order – Marengo (マレンゴ). Sauce (gravy), sausages and vegetables. The spaghetti used was quite thick and soft. So if you’re looking for the al dente spaghetti, you might be disappointed with this dish. Anyways, the gravy was quite sour. I guessed it’s the specialty of this dish? I couldn’t finish this whole plate because the serving was huge. Overall, I think it’s quite a normal dish and given another chance, I would have queue up for Unagi instead. *sighs*

And one negative point about this restaurant is that they allowed smokers to smoke at their tables. This obviously spoilt our appetites while having our lunch.

Lazy Sunday

Hello 😀 I’m back to writing again! I felt like I’ve been missing from this space for a quite a while. Am I? (._.) *scratches head*

Recently, Y-chan and I are addicted to this Japanese drama – 相棒. It’s on aired since 2000 and onto their 12th season this Oct. My friend gave me this link to watch (if you’re interested ;] ). Another drama that caught our attention was SPEC (although it’s rebroadcast-ed) . 🙂 Also another cops related drama.

There’s so many interesting dramas this autumn! 😀 So glue-d to the TV!!

As October is ending soon, I decided to bring up the topic which we postponed – Wedding Preparations. 

So we headed out to the cafe near our apartment yesterday to have brunch and discuss on some to-do list when November comes. It’s a cafe with gallery and it’s mostly frequent by residents nearby. We thought it would be crowded because the last time we visited, there’s groups of aunties having their coffee/tea session. But no, it’s empty and we’re the only customers at that time *lucky*. 😀


There’s terrace tables where owners can bring their pet along while having a cup of drink and enjoying the cool autumn breeze at the same time. 🙂

As we ordered the cafe’s set lunches, it comes with a drink and dessert. Yesterday’s dessert was Banana Chiffon Cake. It’s so light and fluffy yet I can taste the richness of the banana. Image

Heavy whipped cream to make it complete. *shiok-ness*

I told Y-chan that this cafe will be the place to hold all our wedding preparation discussions in future. *grins*Image

And so, we re-opened this wedding file given to us in April to guide us on our wedding preparations.

Nagoya Morning

Hello everyone! I’m back to write about the must-eat post when you’re in Nagoya. 😀

You might ask me what is Nagoya Morning? It’s a term used to describe Breakfast. However, it’s somehow a little different from the normal breakfast.

So normally, you’ll walk into a coffee store or cafe and order a set of breakfast together with a cup of coffee (or tea or something you’d like to drink) right? In Nagoya, most coffee store or cafe will have ‘morning service’ (モーニングサービス).

This ‘Morning Service’ means that you get to have a slice (in this case, it’s half a slice) of bread spread with margarine and a boiled egg for FREE when you order a cup of coffee (or drink irregardless of the cost).

In addition to it, I topped up 100yen for a serving of azuki (red beans) to make an Ogura Toast (小倉トースト). 😀

To be honest, I think it tasted normal. I guess it’s the FREE breakfast that’s attractive. The coffee store that I’ve went to is Komeda’s Coffee (コメダ珈琲), however if you visit other coffee stores or cafes, you might get something like this.

As I know that half a slice of bread and boiled egg is not enough for me, I ordered a dessert to finish off my breakfast. 😀

The Shiro Noir (シロノワール). I ordered a mini one though. 🙂

Hot danish bread topped with vanilla soft serve and syrup. *SLURPPPS*

Y-chan and I left the coffee store with a happy stomach. 😀

Komeda’s Coffee:

A list of cafes that serve Nagoya Morning:

New Seasonal Item: Pierre Hermé x Ohayo Dairy


Hello!! As most of you might be familiar, Japan is always releasing seasonal / limited period food items. From KIT KAT, Lipton tea packs, cakes to even yogurt.

Then yesterday, I found out that Ohayo Dairy has worked together with Pierre Hermé to release this Ispahan yogurt. The packaging is in this pastel pink which also reflects Pierre Hermé’s Ispahan.

Ispahan is a creation by Pierre Hermé where he brings rose, lychee and raspberry together into a macaron.

So I took a spoonful of the yogurt and slowly savor it in my mouth. It has this sour punch (from both the yogurt and raspberries) and then the light after-taste of lychee (and rose?). The texture was quite creamy as compared to the normal yogurt I’m consuming.

It’s somehow quite addictive and I’m thinking of stocking up a few more in my fridge. It’s a little expensive as compared to the normal yogurt packs but for about 140yen, I get to taste Ispahan and stay healthy at the same time. ♥


Helloo! Today I’m going to share with you this pop-up coffee store in Omotesando, Tokyo.

SHOZO COFFEE STORE is located near Omotesando station, inside this shared common space called 246 COMMON.

I first hear of this coffee store while browsing through my instagram feed. 😛 Then I went online to check out this coffee store as it looked super good on instagram.

SHOZO COFFEE was first opened in Tochigi Pref., Nasu-Shiobara city in the year 1988. All of the coffee stores are located within Nasu-Shiobara city except this particular pop-up store in Tokyo so I decided to give it a visit.

They have a range of goods such as coffee beans (in 100g and 200g), scones, madeleines and muffins.

I ordered a cup of iced café au lait as I was craving for something cold. I like it a lot as the aroma and acidity was just right for me and I bought a bag of grounded beans home. 😀

If you’re around Omotesando or Harajuku, do drop by this coffee store to have a cup before it’s gone.

SHOZO official site:

246 COMMON site: