Battle with the Evil Snow

Hello everyone! How’s your week going? 🙂

The weather recently in Japan is just so messed up. 😦 It has snowed thrice (including the previous post) for the past 2 weeks and as expected, the temperature is awfully COLD. X( *brrrrrr* And because of this bizarre weather, my flight back to Yamaguchi was cancelled. 😦 Most of the transportation were in handicapped mode. Now, who still says that snowing is FUN?

As we need to reach Yamaguchi by Saturday (8th Feb), we’re left with only 1 mode of transportation – the bullet train. By the time we reached Tokyo station, the amount of commuters waiting in line to get the tickets were crazy. The queue just grows with time. :O We went to queue up in the self-help ticketing machine thinking that it’ll take lesser time but to our horror, the stupid machine just doesn’t work for us.

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4 hours 27 mins travel

Hello everyone! How’s your week going? 🙂

After my post last week about postponing our wedding ceremony, we packed our luggage to go back to Y-chan’s hometown. As this trip back was unplanned, discounted air tickets were not available so we had to take shinkansen (新幹線 – bullet train) back to Yamaguchi.

Headed to Tokyo station to get our tickets before getting our ekiben (駅弁 – train bento). There’s this special ‘little’ discount given to customer who buys return tickets together (i think about 2000 ~ 3000yen). As it’s non-peak period and we’re trying to save money while we can, we bought non-reserved seats. The percentage of getting a seat from Tokyo station is 100% since it’s the terminal station. There’s reserved seats and ‘Green’ seats but these seats cost slightly higher than the non-reserved ones.

We rushed to get our ekiben before boarding the shinkansen because the total journey takes 4 hours 27 minutes to reach Shin-Yamaguchi. We’ll be so dead hungry by then if we don’t eat. I got this crab meat goodness while Y-chan got this beef tongue & steak ekiben which can ‘heat’ up itself after pulling a string attached to it (i forgot to take photo of it but let me attached it from google image).

The train we took was Nozomi (the fastest already) which stops at major stations like Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Shin-Kobe, Hiroshima.

The whole journey was so long that my butt hurts after we alight at Shin-Yamaguchi. (T_T) I’ve already tried to wear simple and even sandals! This is the difference between domestic flight and shinkansen.

Our main motive of going back to Yamaguchi was to visit Y-chan’s grandpa. He used to be so lively but now he’s so fragile. Grandpa’s already over the big 80 but still so comical. Y-chan showed him a few photos of me in wedding dress and he said “looks like Erishia..!”. So comical! Over the 3 days, we visited him everyday to keep him accompany together with grandma. Didn’t go to any place except for the cafe near the hospital.

We’re planning to go back again in end July before Y-chan’s busy work schedule.

Took some photos while on our way back to Tokyo.

Always choose the 2nd carriage

Non-Reserved seats (Nozomi) is from 1st – 3rd carriages

Wear easy to remove shoes for the ride

Wear easy to remove shoes for the ride

Get yourself a drink and chill for the rest of the journey

Get yourself a drink and chill for the rest of the journey

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this weekend because we’ll be going to Tochigi prefecture – Nasu (那須) for BBQ! Together with Y-chan’s colleagues and their spouses. Give me the good weather please!! 😦