Wedding Preparation: 50% completed

Finally the preparation has reached the half-way mark! 😀

After our trip back to Yamaguchi in January (link here), we went back again this month to decide on the dinner menu and also to collect the invitation cards.

Tell me, what is a wedding celebration without good food? 😉

We attended the hotel’s food tasting event together with Y-chan’s mum, aunt & his younger brother. We were seated according to the dinner course we’ve decided beforehand.


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Battle with the Evil Snow

Hello everyone! How’s your week going? 🙂

The weather recently in Japan is just so messed up. 😦 It has snowed thrice (including the previous post) for the past 2 weeks and as expected, the temperature is awfully COLD. X( *brrrrrr* And because of this bizarre weather, my flight back to Yamaguchi was cancelled. 😦 Most of the transportation were in handicapped mode. Now, who still says that snowing is FUN?

As we need to reach Yamaguchi by Saturday (8th Feb), we’re left with only 1 mode of transportation – the bullet train. By the time we reached Tokyo station, the amount of commuters waiting in line to get the tickets were crazy. The queue just grows with time. :O We went to queue up in the self-help ticketing machine thinking that it’ll take lesser time but to our horror, the stupid machine just doesn’t work for us.

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Matcha Choco Cookies


Hellossss!! 🙂 How is your day? It’s soooooo cold the past few days because it was snowing all over Kanto on the 4th. The snow outside my apartment accumulates to about 5cm within an hour. I wanted to go out and play in the snow but I’m shy so I just hid myself inside the kotatsu. (._.)

Okies, it’s been some time since I last wrote a recipe post, so here I am, sharing this Matcha (Green tea) Choco Cookie recipe. 😀

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