Some Caviar Cream for Your Skin?

Hello everyone..! 🙂

Today I’m going to share with you all a skincare product that I bought recently. 😀

I’m pretty sure many of you have heard of Ettusais, and just few weeks back, they’ve released a new series of products – Ettusais Premium.

*isn’t the packaging super kawaii??!?? All the pinkish color ♥*

Ettusais Premium is separated into Skincare line & Base care line and their targeted group of users are women in the 30s. *I know I’m still in the 20s, but hey!* I don’t care since aging care can start early. 😉

The product I bought was the Ettusais Premium Amino Caviar Cream. It’s an all-in-one gel cream that covers the steps from applying toner/lotion, emulsion, cream, massage, facial pack & even makeup base. *saves all the hassles & space for storing all the different bottles* 

It comes with a ‘guasha’ plate for face & neck massage, only available for a limited period of time. 🙂

How the caviar cream looks like.

The ‘caviar’ is those teeny weeny dark pink balls mixed in the cream. It acts as massage balls and when pressure is put upon it, it burst open with Amino Premium 7 complex, that consists collagen, fermented royal jelly and even Vitamin C complex. All the good essence squeezed into the ‘caviar’.

I have only started it for a few days, cannot really see the difference yet but I can feel that my skin is getting hydrated after every application. 🙂 Just in time for the changing weather in Japan.

p/s: I’m not paid to write this post, just sharing something that I find it’s good. 😉

Pierre Hermé x Ohayo Dairy (Part 3)


Hellossss!! I’ve finally gotten my hands on the newest flavor (about a month’s late) of Pierre Hermé x Ohayo Dairy yogurt – Infiniment Mandarine. (You may read Part 1 & Part 2 here.)

My first reaction when I heard of the 3rd collaboration flavor is: WHY?

Won’t it taste the same as their 2nd collaboration – Satine?

OK, so I told myself not to have much hopes on the current flavor and went ahead to open it. The texture is still as creamy and frothy as before (good job). However to my surprised, the taste is much milder (i.e. less sour) than Satine yogurt. They adapted the citrus peels idea from their previous collaboration and used it on their 3rd one too. *thumbs up*

Comparing Satine and Infiniment Mandarine, I personally prefer the Infiniment Mandarine as the taste is milder, much to my liking. 🙂

So what will be their next collaboration flavors? Earl grey or Cassis? 🙂

FYI – I guess Ispahan yogurt is so popular that Ohayo Dairy continues to produce it although it was supposed to be a seasonal products. Also, it can be purchased at most supermarkets now instead of convenience stores.

Pierre Hermé x Ohayo Dairy (Part 2)

Hellooooo! Remember my post back in Oct where I’ve wrote about Pierre Hermé’s collaboration works with Ohayo Dairy?

So after their 1st collaboration works (Ispahan yogurt) in October, which I believed it was quite a success, Ohayo Dairy just released their 2nd collaboration works with Pierre Hermé last week – Satine yogurt.

The flavours in the Satine yogurt is a little different from Pierre Hermé’s Satine macaron as it uses mango as part of the ingredients. The texture is same as before, creamy and frothy and as usual, the sour punch – strong orange & passion fruit flavour. There’s also orange peel bits mixed in the yogurt which I think is quite a refreshing idea as orange peel tends to leave a bitter note when one bite on the peel.

Having tried both flavours, I prefer Ispahan instead of Satine. Satine is quite sour as compared to Ispahan and I personally don’t really like orange. 😦

I hope they will continue this collaboration. Maybe Infiniment Café or Mogador flavours? 😀


New Seasonal Item: Pierre Hermé x Ohayo Dairy


Hello!! As most of you might be familiar, Japan is always releasing seasonal / limited period food items. From KIT KAT, Lipton tea packs, cakes to even yogurt.

Then yesterday, I found out that Ohayo Dairy has worked together with Pierre Hermé to release this Ispahan yogurt. The packaging is in this pastel pink which also reflects Pierre Hermé’s Ispahan.

Ispahan is a creation by Pierre Hermé where he brings rose, lychee and raspberry together into a macaron.

So I took a spoonful of the yogurt and slowly savor it in my mouth. It has this sour punch (from both the yogurt and raspberries) and then the light after-taste of lychee (and rose?). The texture was quite creamy as compared to the normal yogurt I’m consuming.

It’s somehow quite addictive and I’m thinking of stocking up a few more in my fridge. It’s a little expensive as compared to the normal yogurt packs but for about 140yen, I get to taste Ispahan and stay healthy at the same time. ♥