Spring Coordinate 2

Whassuppp!! 🙂

I had the sudden cravings for chiffon cake this morning and went ahead to bake a green tea chiffon cake within an hour. Had a slice of it for my teatime just now, and it’s so fluffy. 😀

Anyway, the sakura fever in Kanto region has fade off (except if you go up Northern Japan, you might be able to see it bloom) and all the sakura trees are now GREEN. 2 weeks back, when I went for hanami date with Y-chan, I finally wore the gingham check shirt which I bought online. ♥♥♥

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Kate-Katy: Black Chiffon Blouse

Hello! I’m back from BBQ and I have to post this because it’s kind-of… overdue. *shoots myself with eggs*

This is my 4th post for Kate-Katy (last for the parcel which they’ve sent me and maybe no more because I’m so slow in this..) and it’s a black chiffon blouse which has wide openings at the sleeves. I paired it with bright pink tight skirt which won’t make it too dull. 😀



It’s quite a simple top with no embellishment so I wore this studded necklace to ‘brighten’ it up! 😀 I hope Kate-Katy is OK with my coordinates so far. 🙂

Black Chiffon Blouse: Kate-Katy | Inner: Forever21 | Pink Skirt: Emoda | Wedge-Sneaker: New Look | Necklace: Amaury (online shop in Singapore)

Kate-Katy: Off-White Chiffon Skirt

Whoop whoop! Hello! I’m already on my 3rd post for Kate-Katy‘s collaboration and I’m enjoying it. 😀 However, I just….. can’t pose for the camera. (T__T) That’s my main concern now. *screams for help*

Anyways, for this series of snaps, I took it when I went for hydrangea viewing with Y-chan. Hope you all really don’t mind my pose. ):


The skirt is of really good material and it has an extra lining inside so it’s not translucent! I think Korean’s are quite tall because after I wore this long skirt, the ends of the skirt touches the ground. That’s why I wore a wedge sandals to lift up my height! 😀 I matched a brown Longchamp’s bag to complete my outfit (not shown on photo because Y-chan helped me carried it).

Blue tie-front shirt: Forever21 | Black embellished tank top: Lowrys Farm | Chiffon skirt: Kate-Katy | Wedge sandals: Honey’s | Bracelet: Gucci

Kate-Katy: White Linen & Chiffon Blazer

Hello! Following my previous post about collaborating with Kate-Katy (Korean fashion apparel online store), I’m going to do a 2nd post of the apparel they’ve sent me.

As mentioned in the title, I was presented with a white linen & chiffon blazer. This is so light-weight and it’s in the color of Summer this year! As I was scrolling through instagram, I saw many fashionistas wearing white blazer and thought it’s so cool. So glad that I’m able to have it in my wardrobe now! Thank you Kate-Katy!! ♥♥

Hope you like my snaps! 😀

White linen & chiffon blazer

White linen & chiffon blazer  White linen & chiffon blazer

White linen & chiffon blazer

Front - Linen material

Front – Linen material

Back view - Chiffon material

Back view – Chiffon material

Most (or at least the items I see on their online store) of Kate-Katy’s apparels are M.I.K (Made In Korea), so I believe that the quality is guaranteed! 😀

White Linen & Chiffon blazer: Kate-Katy | Lavender camisole: Forever21 | Jeggings: Lowrys Farm | Wedge Sandals: Honey’s | Clutch: Resexxy | Necklace: Online store in Singapore

Kate-Katy: Grey Maxi One-piece

Hello! Today’s post is a little different from my usual one because it’s about fashion collaboration! About 1 month back, my friend – Tsucchi, asked me if I’m interested in doing some collaboration with her friend’s apparel online store and I agreed after looking through their online store Kate-Katy 😀

Here are some snaps of my coordinate and hope you don’t mind my pose because it’s my first time doing. 😮

Kate-Katy: Grey Maxi One-piece

Kate-Katy: Grey Maxi One-piece  Kate-Katy: Grey Maxi One-piece

Kate-Katy: Grey Maxi One-piece

The material is very very comfy and I love it a lot! ♥ The back has this sheer V-shaped cut which gives a sexy-look. However, I’m quite shy about revealing too much so I wore a camisole inside. 😀

Blue Tie-Front Shirt: Forever21 | Grey Maxi One-piece: Kate-Katy | White inner camisole: Forever21 | Black wedge sneaker (with studs): New Look | Cap: ViVi 109 book | Bag: Emoda