Wedding Preparation: 70% mark

We’re finally hitting the 70% mark for our wedding preparation!! 😀

During the last 3 days of March, we went back to Yamaguchi again for photoshoot and the last face-to-face discussion with the wedding planner before the big day. We wanted to have another final discussion in May, but it’s too costly for us so the planner squeezed everything into that last discussion when we’re there.

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Wedding Preparation: 50% completed

Finally the preparation has reached the half-way mark! 😀

After our trip back to Yamaguchi in January (link here), we went back again this month to decide on the dinner menu and also to collect the invitation cards.

Tell me, what is a wedding celebration without good food? 😉

We attended the hotel’s food tasting event together with Y-chan’s mum, aunt & his younger brother. We were seated according to the dinner course we’ve decided beforehand.


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Battle with the Evil Snow

Hello everyone! How’s your week going? 🙂

The weather recently in Japan is just so messed up. 😦 It has snowed thrice (including the previous post) for the past 2 weeks and as expected, the temperature is awfully COLD. X( *brrrrrr* And because of this bizarre weather, my flight back to Yamaguchi was cancelled. 😦 Most of the transportation were in handicapped mode. Now, who still says that snowing is FUN?

As we need to reach Yamaguchi by Saturday (8th Feb), we’re left with only 1 mode of transportation – the bullet train. By the time we reached Tokyo station, the amount of commuters waiting in line to get the tickets were crazy. The queue just grows with time. :O We went to queue up in the self-help ticketing machine thinking that it’ll take lesser time but to our horror, the stupid machine just doesn’t work for us.

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A short update of…

my wedding preparations. 🙂

Well well well…… I wanted to write this right after I came back from Yamaguchi, but I procrastinated it till today. *sends guilty look* 😐

So few weeks ago, we went back to Yamaguchi for a short 4 days stay. Or 3 days to be exact because we arrived at Yamaguchi in the evening which felt like a day was wasted. We are using the air transport more frequently as it’s cost saving. The tickets we paid was about 40,000yen (for 2 pax) compared to bullet train fares which will cost double the price.

Why we went back Yamaguchi???

  1. Y-chan to attend his friend’s wedding
  2. Our wedding preparations
  3. Visit grandma.

While Y-chan went to attend his friend’s wedding, I went on a date with his sister (with allowance given by grandma). 😀

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Start of our wedding preparation

On our trip back to Yamaguchi during the Golden week, we’ve went to visit the hotel where we will be holding our wedding ceremony & reception lunch. A few months before deciding on this location, my mum-in-law helped us to gather a number of wedding pamphlets for our reference.

In Japan, the couple decides on what type of ceremony they wishes to hold. Church / Chapel ceremony (教会式 / チャペル式), exchanging vows in-front of families & friends (人前式) and Shinto ceremony (神前式). After looking through the pamphlets, we came to a decision of doing a Shinto ceremony. Partly is because I wanted to wear the uchi-kake (打ち掛け), another reason would be the cost. The ceremony looks something like this ↓ (image from Google)

Then! We need to decide on the wedding date. Likewise in Singapore, Chinese usually looks at the lunar calendar and compare it with their ‘eight characters’. However, the calendar in Japan is fairly simple. They have certain ‘recommended’ days that are meant for ‘wedding’, ‘moving’, ‘travelling’ and etc… So, 1st December in the calendar reads tomo-biki (友引) and it’s good for celebration event (i.e. wedding).

After visiting the hotel and a talk with the bridal consultant, they handed us a few information such as timeline, schedule of the flow, and a file which acts as a wedding note/checklist. The way the hotel handles certain items are quite different from Singapore’s hotel. For example, inside the suggested wedding package, they calculate the cost by no. of attendees instead of per table. The seating arrangements are usually in 5 ~ 8 guests per table. Unlike our Chinese style where you squeeze 10 guests into a table. 🙂

As we have limited time in Yamaguchi, my mum-in-law has helped us to book a slot with the wedding dress rental shop straight after the consultant. As I already have in mind how many dresses I want to wear during my big day, we went straight to the selection room. I was surprised to see so many colorful dresses and of course, white wedding dresses too. 😀 So I went round the racks and racks of dresses, picking up some that I may want to try on. I have to tell you……. I was soooooo nervous that I was sweating like the room is a sauna itself. After trying on the dresses, we went to another room to try out the colored uchi-kake. I prefer colored uchi-kake than the shiromuku (白無垢) because I think my skin tone doesn’t fit shiromuku that well.

We will need to go back to Yamaguchi again for our 2nd discussion with the hotel consultant and 2nd fitting of the wedding dresses in Summer. Which means we need to fly back and in other to save cost, we need to get the tickets early. Which also means that Y-chan has to take annual leaves for it. This is so troublesome because in Japan, taking annual leaves (for around 3 to 5 days) is considered a nuisance to other colleagues. So I can imagine Y-chan getting reprimanded for this if he takes a number of annual leaves. (This is one of the reason why I sometimes disagree on the Japanese way of thinking, especially on annual leaves. It’s entitled in the contract, so definitely the individuals are entitled to use it right? Of course, the individual has to be considerate and choose the dates that’s not a busy period in the company.)

We’re just hoping for a smooth process of our wedding preparation with the help of our friends. 😀

Ending off with a back-shot of me in Jill Stuart‘s colored dress collection & colored uchi-kake ♥