I Finally Made it! (:

Woopie whoops.. Realised I haven’t been updating again as usual.

I’ve actually drafted up a post but decided not to publish it and have clicked the ‘delete’ button. So what have I been up to?

I had my visa renewed last month and the immigration office decided to give me a 3 years stay. 😀 When I received the card over the counter from the staff, I was soooo happy because this means that I don’t need to do the application paperwork every year (and mind you, the application fee is 4,000yen each).

And in mid March, I received a piece of good news via the family group chat. My brother has officially become a father! I’m so eager to meet my little baby niece but I think the earliest I can meet her would be in the second half of the year. 😦 For now, I can only ‘see’ her via photos posted on FB. *sighs*

Oh.. Oh OH!

After 10++ years, I’ve decided to start learning on how to ride a bicycle. Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks with you. I really don’t know how to ride a bicycle (okay, 2 wheeled bicycle) for all my life until 2 days back.

Family and friends around me all knows how to ride. *So ashamed of myself* 😐


This was me at around 9 ~ 10 years old? *See those training wheels still attached???* 

And the last ‘touch’ with bicycle was 5 years back when my group of friends decided to do a cycling trip. I had to get one of them to ‘carry’ me on the 2-seater bicycle. 😐 😐

Then, moving over to Japan. I have been told endless times by Y-chan that learning how to ride a bicycle is important in Japan. Not all places in Japan are easily accessible unlike Singapore. (And I believe we, Singaporeans are too pampered in some way.) I do want to learn how to ride and Y-chan is eager to coach me. The only red-light was my motivation. I kept saying Y-chan’s bicycle was too high, the weather’s too hot (during summer) and too cold to learn. I just kept procrastinating.

This year, my resolution was to give everything a try and start something new. So I told myself I need to settle this ‘problem’ and went online to order a foldable bicycle. 🙂

TOPONE(トップワン)20インチ折りたたみ自転車シマノ6段変速ギア搭載 カゴ標準装備 KGK206-09-BK ブラック

Over the weekend, we went to the nearest park to practice. I felt so nervous because there was a group of kids playing at the slides and I’m there learning to how ride a bicycle. *face palms* 

We went to another nearby park because Y-chan’s afraid I might lose control and knock down the kids. 😐 So I pedalled with Y-chan helping me to balance at the back, but after a few seconds, I realised I’m all alone. Pedaling and balancing the bicycle all by myself. :O

Seriously, I didn’t believe it at all because I thought it must be the help Y-chan gave. So I tried again and….. I managed to do it all by myself. 😀



This was my happy face when I could ride for the first time. 😀

Y-chan was apparently stunned that I managed to cycle within 2 hours and he sat at the bench staring blank. LOL

I guess I will need more practices before I can debut on the road. Can’t wait for the day to debut so that I can visit the cafe I’ve always wanted to visit. 😉



One of the food trends in Japan right now is this – Onigirazu (おにぎらず).

I first came across this food term, Onigirazu on Instagram and have always wanted to try making it. Then. Y-chan asked why not I go ahead and make onigirazu for him as his lunch because he’s sick and tired of eating conbini food. I said OK and went to search the net for instructions and even head to the bookstore to scoop some infos. 😉

Onigiri – Rice ball gripped into triangle shape. 「おにぎり」の絵文字

Onigirazu – Rice ball that doesn’t need to be shaped.

So, shall we start? 🙂

Click to start tutorial! 🙂

About DisneySea and Hakone Trips

Hello! I am still on my cucumber breakfast and I’m seeing very small improvements (at least my bowel movements improved). LOL

Just a month back, we went to DisneySea and Hakone but it feels like we went there 2 weeks ago. 😉 It’s Y-chan’s first time to visit DisneySea so I’m somehow in charged of navigating inside the park.

We looked super forward to this Disney trip and even booked a cheap hotel in Tokyo so that we can reach early to make full use of the day.



It’s has to rain/snow on that day and I think I’m the ’cause’ of it. Whenever I plan & looked forward to any outings, the weather will try to spoil my plan.

From typhoon hitting Tokyo the day I touched down in Haneda airport, to blizzard on my first snowboard experience and now, extremely cold & wet weather on our Disney trip. Really FML.

So I thought to myself that with this lousy weather, DisneySea would be kind of empty so the waiting time for attractions will be lesser.


We reached 30mins after the park open and fast pass queue for Toy Story’s Mania has already cut-off (fyi, queue for that fast pass needs 3hours). Nevermind, we dashed for other attraction’s fast pass and managed to get it. *thank goodness, if not I might just curse and swear from morning till the moment we reach home*

Ok, at least we managed to ride the attractions we wanted to so not much complaints. Just as I thought everything is good and fine, JAPANESE HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS. So pissed off at them as they have no manners at all. ;(
Bought some souvenirs for family and friends and left the park during the night parade so as to avoid the crowd. No regrets at this choice we made. 😉

So after our Disney trip, we went to Hakone the following week with Y-chan’s friend, F-san.

It’s my first time to Hakone and has been looking forward to it too. 😀 F-san picked us up at Tokyo area off we go to Hakone.
I thought it’ll be a good and smooth ride but… nightmare has began. We got lost in Tokyo’s highway. :O Paid unnecessary highway fares and reached Hakone 2 hours later than planned. At least we managed to reach by the dinner time and had time to soak in onsen after that. 😀

The following day we visited Le Petit Prince Museum and Owakudani. Although I wanted to visit the Hakone Shrine but it doesn’t fits the schedule so I gave up the idea. Not too bad since I got to eat the black shell eggs at Owakudani. 😀


Nightmare strikes back as never in my 2nth years of life, gotten car sick before. I talked to Y-chan about that on our way back after F-san dropped us at Ebisu station and Y-chan said he understand how I felt. Reason was that….. F-san’s driving was kinda unacceptable. (._.) *So sorry*

That’s the end of my February encounters and thank you for reading my complains. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at these situations. In a different meaning of my previous post, what an Exciting February!

My Recent Food Diet

Hello friends! 🙂
Are you back on track after the 4 long days of endless back kwa, pineapple tarts and steamboats eating?

Have you thought of eating clean to cleanse your body for those weights (grams) you’ve put on after the celebration?

You can start by having more vegetables in your food diet. (Yeah, everybody knows that. It’s common sense.) Let’s keep it simple & easy by starting it with breakfast.

So recently, I was watching some variety programme and my favorite magazine model Sasaki Nozomi was on the show. Then she shared on how she maintain her proportion, e.g. skipping carbohydrates during dinner. Another food diet that she shared was having cucumber for breakfast.

I decided to try out the latter since I’ve tried skipping carbs diet 7~8 years back (and it works on me). 😉

Just cut Japanese cucumber in half and then slice them into stick form. Having plain cucumber can be very boring, so it’s BEST to pair it with miso mayo dip.

The miso mayo dip is so easy to make. Take ½ teaspoon of miso and 1 tablespoon of Japanese mayo and mix well, and done. Enjoy your breakfast! 😀

I just started this diet for 2 days and hopefully this diet works! *fingers crossed*

P/s: Miso paste is not only for making miso soup, you can also use it to make dip and even for marinating meat. 🙂

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Hello everybardy, Gong Xi Fa Cai, Hong Bao Na Lai (恭喜发财,红包拿来)! 😀

I’m sure everyone back home in Singapore is celebrating & enjoying the Chinese New Year. (:


My Facebook & Instagram feeds are bombarded with food and wefies. And I just received a call from my family, my dad mentioned he made fish maw soup.. which is my favorite dish. FML

Knowing I can’t have the food, I’m thinking of how to counter attack this battle. Lol

By the way, my exciting February has been good. We went to DisneySea 2 weeks back and Hakone over the weekend. Will update more on the 2 trips together to save time for you (reading) and me (typing). 😀

Alrights, I’m going to prepare kimchi hotpot for dinner along with sashimi salad. CNY must eat fish to ensure there’s abundance for the year.

Meanwhile, enjoy all the bak kwa, prawn rolls, pineapple tarts and steamboats BUT don’t complain that you’ve gained XX weight and should start dieting.

Lol *just kidding*