My Recent Food Diet

Hello friends! 🙂
Are you back on track after the 4 long days of endless back kwa, pineapple tarts and steamboats eating?

Have you thought of eating clean to cleanse your body for those weights (grams) you’ve put on after the celebration?

You can start by having more vegetables in your food diet. (Yeah, everybody knows that. It’s common sense.) Let’s keep it simple & easy by starting it with breakfast.

So recently, I was watching some variety programme and my favorite magazine model Sasaki Nozomi was on the show. Then she shared on how she maintain her proportion, e.g. skipping carbohydrates during dinner. Another food diet that she shared was having cucumber for breakfast.

I decided to try out the latter since I’ve tried skipping carbs diet 7~8 years back (and it works on me). 😉

Just cut Japanese cucumber in half and then slice them into stick form. Having plain cucumber can be very boring, so it’s BEST to pair it with miso mayo dip.

The miso mayo dip is so easy to make. Take ½ teaspoon of miso and 1 tablespoon of Japanese mayo and mix well, and done. Enjoy your breakfast! 😀

I just started this diet for 2 days and hopefully this diet works! *fingers crossed*

P/s: Miso paste is not only for making miso soup, you can also use it to make dip and even for marinating meat. 🙂

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