New Challenge in 2015

Hello! Are you enjoying 2015 yet? 🙂

I’m not going to set much resolutions this year but at the very least, I’m hoping to update this space more frequent than last year to make it less boring. 😉

Anyway, I’m sure friends who have followed my instagram would know that I’ve tried out a new challenge last week. 😀



That’s Y-chan, me, Y-chan’s senior S-san & his wife.

In mid-December, S-san suggested to Y-chan that we should go snowboarding together. And S-san knows that I have not experienced snowboarding before, so it’ll be a great chance for me to experience and at the same time, he can give me some basic tips.

Me, looking super forward to trying a new sports, prepared myself by getting the necessary items needed for snowboarding. (or at least, according to Y-chan, the must-have items) 😀

1. Heattech inner wear – Top and bottom (Suggest you to wear at least 2 layers of it in case of blizzard weather)

2. Turtleneck inner wear (Readily available at Uniqlo at affordable price!)

3. Neck-warmer (I’ve gotten mine at 1,080yen which was a steal! Material was fleece and it totally blocks off the ice cold wind during the course and it protects your face & nose too)


4. Gloves (Price from 3,900yen onwards. Depending on the brands too. I wanted to get Volcom’s but it doesn’t comes with an inner gloves and it looks weird on me when worn)IMG_20150122_114839

5. Pass case (May not be necessary if your winter sports wear has clear pockets attached. Oh! and that’s my 1 Day lift pass)IMG_20150122_115413

6. Beanie (Available everywhere but remember, do not use your super expensive beanie to go snowboarding/skiing. It gets covered with snow and you won’t want your favorite beanie to get wet right?)

7. Thick socks (Preferably long ones as you’ll be wearing it with the boots)

I went to Youtube to check out videos on snowboarding for first-timers and even played wii sports’ to ‘train’ myself for it. LOL

Then THE DAY came!!

together with blizzard….. 😐

S-san came to pick us up at 5am in the morning and reached Mt. Asama area, Nagano Pref. only at 11am. 😦 No thanks to the snow covered slopes. It was a horrifying experience and we had to push the car in order to move forward. 😥


One can’t even see clearly with the heavy snow and it was 0ºC at the foot of the mountains. Cannot imagine what’s the temperature like up in the mountains….. :OIMG_20150117_092516 IMG_20150117_112636This photo was taken from inside the restaurant. Strong winds were blowing crazily from all directions and sweeping up the snow and blurring the vision.

I first learnt how to stand up with the snowboard attached. It’s sooooooooo difficult to stand up! Then S-san suggested another method which I adapted quickly to it (although I looked damned uncool, but who cares!).

Then I was taught how to balance and moving forward (with Y-chan’s advice too). 😀

And after 10 mins of tumbling on my butt and falling on my knees, I managed to slide down the slope at a good pace! *MIRACLE* 😉

Midway through our snowboard session, the weather suddenly turned into a monster. 😦 My eyelashes & ears were frozen! And as it was snowing continuously, fresh snow kept forming on the slope which was not a good condition for snowboarding.


We started at 1pm and ended at around 4pm. Although it was a short snowboarding session, I managed to get the feel of how to control the directions and balancing.

If there’s another session this year, I will want to learn how to brake without falling and learn the proper way of standing up. 😀

My first snowboarding experience was super fun! Super thankful to S-san for inviting us to snowboard session.


Also, I realised I need to get this before going for the next snowboarding session (if there’s a chance):

8. Goggles (I thought with a neck warmer should enough, but I regretted not getting it as the snow & wind just hit on your eye area and making it difficult for me to open my eyes)


9. Winter Sports Wear (It’ll be good to get your own winter wear as rental fee was about 2,500yen per set and you won’t have to wait in the long queue for it)


Every thing was fun, except the following day.

Your own body will ACHE like crazy. :O

My neck, shoulders, arms, waist, butt, thighs and calves. Every muscles used for snowboarding were aching like crazy. 😦

Not to mention this.


Bruise. 😦

OK! Ignore the bruise because I’m looking forward to this weekend’s mini date with Y-chan. We’re going to Ikebukuro for some Hokkaido food fair and will try to grab some awesome seafood bento! 😀

Till then! xoxo

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