Christmas Illumination in Tokyo

Hello my friends, I’m sure you know Christmas is coming when you see the streets light up with colorful illuminations. 😉

In Japan, the illumination spots competition can be quite intense. Business/Office area such as Marunouchi has collaboration with Disney. Buildings in that area has different Disney theme set up. From Frozen (the trend here is just crazy) to Tangled to Alice in Wonderland and last but not least, Mickey & friends. 🙂


Every year, the streets of Marunouchi will be lighted up with countless LED lights. For this year, the theme color is Champagne Gold.


I was intending to visit this area but it seems kinda inconvenient for us so we went to somewhere else instead.

So other than office areas, shopping centers, even riverside walkways are joining in the illumination event.

Yes, yes. The blue photo you see on the top of this post?

Yes, we went to that illumination spot instead. 😀 This spot (Meguro river) is located near Naka-Meguro station and it’s the first time Meguro river is doing illumination light up event. We went on the first day (23rd Nov) of the light up and as expected, the crowds were crowding around the river sidewalks.

Thank goodness we went early (at 5pm)! The crowds continued to flow in when we finished enjoying the illumination. :O
This shot was taken on one of the many bridges in Meguro river.

Almost every bridges were filled with people. I had to squeeze myself into the crowd to get a shot and then squeeze myself out asap. Whereas there’ll be inconsiderate Japanese ladies (and couples too) hogging the whole area for their selfie. Tsk tsk tsk.
And because of the human traffic congestion at the bridges, the organisers had to cancel the illumination light up on one of the weekend as it was disrupting the traffic. 😦


This was a shot of the illumination while on our way back to the station.

I like the idea of how the organizer used LED lights to hang on the trees, and reflection of the lights from the river forms a mysterious blue cave. 🙂

If you’re in Tokyo, do give this place and Marunouchi area a visit. I’d also recommend Roppongi area as well because you get to see Tokyo’s landmark – Tokyo Tower amidst the illuminated walkways. 😉

Will be going on a short onsen trip to Nikko tomorrow. So looking forward to all the world heritage places and onsen and yummy Japanese food. 😀

Happy weekends people! ♥

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