Autumn: Growing Appetite

Hello… 🙂

Sorry for the lack of updates the past few weeks.. it has been a good October to me so far! (though it’s getting kinda cold the past 2 days..)

I have always love October & November because it’s the Autumn season (my favorite season followed by Spring). Weather is good, food is awesome and everyone’s happy. 😀

Autumn is filled with many many food temptations. The seasonal products you can eat in this season is endless. From sweet potatoes, chestnuts, mackerels, salmons (and it’s roe), shrooms, persimmons and best of all, RICE. 🙂 🙂

My appetite grew just for this season. 😉


Hotate & Ikura donburi (Scallop & Salmon roe rice bowl) from Hokkaido Fair @ Seibu Ikebukuro departmental store. Massive bombing in the mouth..! 😀IMG_20141004_132433

Uni & Ikura donburi (Sea urchin & Salmon roe rice bowl). Y-chan loves uni so he ordered this. Fresh uni tastes sweet and this is just perfect. 🙂IMG_20141004_132449

An up-close shot of my hotate & ikura donburi. The raw scallop is so soft that it melts in the mouth. IMG_20141018_142830

Last weekend, we went to Omiya Ichiba (which was about 3km from our house) and had lunch at this shop Hanaichi which sells seafood set meal. 🙂

I ordered this Maguro nakaochi donburi + ebi fry set meal which comes with kani miso soup. There was a special campaign and this set lunch I ordered cost only 1,080yen. SO DAMNED CHEAP. 😀

Will definitely visit this shop again, although we have to walk around 45mins to reach this place.

And the following day, we took a train up north to attend a B-grade food festival. The food were reasonably priced at mostly 300yen and 600yen. So we went a little cray cray and bought a lot of food. :OIMG_20141019_104649

Kushi katsu pi – Pork & Onion cutlet topped with crushed peanuts. This was good! Onion was soft and sweet.IMG_20141019_104733

Chabu soba – Something like yakisoba tomato ketchup was used instead of yakisoba sauce. Not nice at all. ):IMG_20141019_110058

Super flat udon. ♥ Thank goodness we queued up for this early, if not we have to wait at least 30mins for this. IMG_20141019_111347Maguro katsu with shoyu sauce. This is awesome major love! Super big chunks of tuna dipped in shoyu sauce. ♥

We bought some other food but I’d forgotten to take photos of it. 😦 *pats shoulder*

Sorry if I have made you hungry with the photos, but I’m trying to PR to all of you that Autumn is the best season to visit Japan. 😉

Hope my Autumn food adventures continues to November! ♥


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