Summer Vacation 2014

Hellos! It’s been such a long break since my last post and yes, I’m doing fine. 🙂

In Japan, most working adults here get to have summer leaves (in addition to their annual leaves entitlement), average around 3 days?

During summer season, many travel agencies in Japan will release lots and lots of summer campaign to attract customers into buying their travel packages. Last year, we went to Nagoya and Mie for holidays, and it was the first time we took part in HIS bus tour. Since their package was reasonably priced and saves us the fuss in travelling around under the hot sun, we decided to join a bus tour again this year. 😀

This year July, we went together with J-neechan in the bus tour to Niigata pref. for crab lunch (with free-flow Koshihikari rice & miso soup) & Gumna pref. eat-all-you-can peaches and picking of 2 peaches from the tree. 😀

Then in mid-August, we went back to Yamaguchi for a week (the obon festival) to pay respect to Y-chan’s grandpa who passed away last July. Also, we met up with Y-chan’s friends for yakiniku which was super value-for-money!! 😀

This is Y-chan driving his mum’s car before meeting up with his friends.

Besides meeting up with his friends and paying respect to grandpa, we also managed to visit Y-chan’s paternal grandparents. 🙂 His grandma seems much better compared to the time we saw her in the hospital.

A week after we’re back from Yamaguchi, we went BBQ with Y-chan’s colleagues. We did that last year in Tochigi, this year we went to Nagano. 🙂 There’s quite a number of new faces and till now, I can’t remember all of their names. :O

We stopped by Niigata for lunch at this soba restaurant. The soba taste is not as strong compared to what we usually eat. It’s called hegi-soba. The soba here serves 3 but all of us believe it’s for 4. 😐

After a few hours drive, we arrived at the lodging up in the mountain.

BBQ ingredients were prepared by the Otousan (father in Japanese, who is the owner of the lodging), and all we have to do is to just cook it.

We first met each other during the BBQ last year. 🙂 Interesting thing about the 3 of us is that we are living outside of Tokyo. Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama. LOL

Morning view up in the mountains.

The super filling breakfast prepared by the Okaasan (mother in Japanese).

A shot of us in front of the lodging. 🙂

We ended our BBQ trip at Miyoshi SA (SA means service area) with a Taiyaki. 😀

This briefly sums up my summer activites for 2014. 😀 It’s going to be September soon and it’s a special month to me because it’s my birthday month and also me as Kimura for the 2nd year. 😀 ♥

P/s: follow my instagram for more daily updates! 😀


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