Recipe: Teriyaki Chicken

Hellos! I’m back with a recipe post and it’s the easiest yet flavorful teriyaki chicken. Teriyaki chicken/salmon menus can be found in most Japanese food stalls in Singapore but the taste of each stall’s teriyaki sauce varies. Some are too watery while some are too starchy. 😐

Few years back I found the best teriyaki sauce on a youtube video, and from then on, I seldom order teriyaki chicken/salmon set meals from the Japanese food stalls in Singapore. 😀 Ingredients (serves 2):

  • Chicken thighs – 1 piece
  • (A) Mirin (Sweet Sake) – 1 tablespoon
  • (A) Shoyu – 1 tablespoon
  • (A) Sugar – 1 tablespoon

The golden rule of this teriyaki sauce is the ratio. Just remember 1:1:1. How-to:

  1. Use a fork and punch ‘holes’ into the meat with the skin side up. (This will help to shorten the cooking time)
  2. Slice the meat into 2 since it’s serving for 2.
  3. Mix (A) together.
  4. Heat up a frying pan with some cooking oil in medium-low heat. (a little will do because it’ll get very very oily when the chicken starts to drip its fat)
  5. Place the chicken meat with the skin side down. We want to cook the skin side first and do not touch it for the first 2 minutes.
  6. As the meat starts to turn white (cooked), flip it to continue cooking the meat.
  7. Use kitchen paper to absorb all the excess fat/oil.
  8. Once Step 7 is done, add in (A).
  9. Continue to let it simmer and use a spoon to scoop the sauce and drizzle it over the top for even coating of the sauce.
  10. Once the teriyaki sauce thickens (because of sugar), stop the heat and the teriyaki chicken is ready to be served.
  • If you want to cook teriyaki salmon, prepare 2 slices of salmon.
  • Sprinkle some salt over both sides, and wait for a few minutes. (‘Water’ will flows out and remember to wipe dry with kitchen paper – this is where the fishy smell comes from)
  • Coat both sides of salmon with flour. (This will hold the meat together after it’s being cooked)
  • Add cooking oil in a fry-pan and do the following as above.

*** Sorry the photo I’ve used here was cooked using my awesome Japanese microwave oven. I marinated the chicken into (A) for at least an hour before it’s popped into the microwave oven. Btw, it’s cooked without the use of cooking oil. 😀 ***

I know Kikkoman sells bottled Teriyaki sauce but I think it’s produced to fit the American markets where they used it as marinate for BBQ.

Please please pretty please give this recipe a try. It’s so so so good and I’m sure after you try it, you won’t order teriyaki chicken/salmon elsewhere anymore. 😉


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