Spring Coordinate 2

Whassuppp!! 🙂

I had the sudden cravings for chiffon cake this morning and went ahead to bake a green tea chiffon cake within an hour. Had a slice of it for my teatime just now, and it’s so fluffy. 😀

Anyway, the sakura fever in Kanto region has fade off (except if you go up Northern Japan, you might be able to see it bloom) and all the sakura trees are now GREEN. 2 weeks back, when I went for hanami date with Y-chan, I finally wore the gingham check shirt which I bought online. ♥♥♥

Gingham check shirt: GRL (Grail)

High-waist jeans: Shimamura

Loafers: EMODA

Shades: JINS

Hair accessory: Forever21

Full view of the プチプラ (puchipura) coordinate. 🙂 Tie the ends of the shirt to make it more lady-like.

I’m loving this pair of high-waist jeans from Shimamura because it’s so soft and stretchable. Just nice for my fat thighs. And also, the PRICE. It’s less than 2,000yen!

Recently, while I was browsing through Runway Channel’s lookbook, I found out that a similar look appeared in it. It’s by EVRIS (a relatively new brand) and the producer is Sasaki Ayano.


LOOKS SIMILAR RIGHT? 😀 😀 Then I managed to find another look by EVRIS which I can ‘recycle’ my gingham check shirt. Will do another post on it soon! ♥♥♥



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