Sakura Season Again!!

YES!! The sakura season is here again!!!

It’s my second time to be able to see this beautiful flowers blooming and I simply can’t get enough of it.

This was taken at Ichinosaka (一の坂) in Yamaguchi. We were so so so lucky that the sakura trees were in almost full bloom state when we’re there.



Sorry for the spamming of our faces. 😐 But I’m so in love with the curls which was curled by the hairstylist during the photoshoot earlier that day. Can’t wait to see the photos taken by the pro photographer. ♥♥ 

This was taken on 30th March, which also marks the start of my 2nd year stay in Japan. Will I still be a housewife by then? :\

Anyways!! We’ll be going for a late ohanami on Saturday at the place we’ve went last year. Hope there’s still space for us to lay out the leisure mat when we arrive. 😉

I will be drafting my wedding preparations soon. Stay tuned!

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