Spring Coordinate 1

Hellos! ♥♥♥
I’m going to try something new here in this space.

Spring has finally popped up from the evil winter, and it’s the best season to do anything. Like hanami outings, traveling and starting something new!
So I’m taking this chance to start a mini fashion coordinate here. 😉

Hope it does not sounds boring to you. 🙂


Border one-piece: Uniqlo | White parka: Uniqlo | Black headband: EMODA | Earrings: GU | Watch: present from Y-chan | Choker: DIY | Sneakers: GU | Neko socks: Kutsushitaya

This is how it looks like when ‘dressed’ since the first photo cannot show how the parka looks like. If it gets too warm, can remove the parka and wrap it around the waist (but Japanese here loves to wrap it around their shoulders instead which I think is so meaningless).

Close-up of the earrings I bought from GU. 3 pairs for 490yen, that’s SGD 6! It’s puchi-pura (which means damned cheap). ;P Oh, have I mentioned that the pair of comfy sneakers was at only SGD 16? 😀

So, how is my new challenge here? Hope I can continue to do more coordinates because I have limited amount of clothes in my wardrobe. 😦 Meaning you’ll see repeated items appearing every now and then.

(.__.) Any sponsors out there?

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