Miso Udon Stew – 山本屋総本家

Yes! I’m back to introduce one of the must-eat when you’re in Nagoya. 😀

Miso Nikomi Udon (味噌煮込みうどん – Miso Udon stew).

There’s quite a number of restaurants serving this stew but I insisted on going to this particular restaurant (and main branch) because of personal reason. 😉 The restaurant name is 山本屋総本家. There’s another restaurant with similar name – 山本屋本店, but I believe they also serve great miso udon stew. 😀

So many years back, while I was watching w-inds.‘ DVD concert, my favourite member went to this particular restaurant to have this miso udon stew. It looked so good that I told myself that I must eat this when I am in Nagoya.

The entrance of the restaurant. It’s a stand-alone building by itself and has about 3 or 4th floors. It was so hot outside that we hesitated about having this udon stew to something ‘cooler’.

We entered the restaurant and got a seat on the 2nd floor. The menu focused mainly on the miso udon stew with some side dishes such as miso oden and miso skewered beef tendon. We ordered the miso udon stew only so that our stomachs will have space for other stuff. 😉

The miso udon stew is served in this claypot and it was pipping hot.

The aroma of the miso was soooooo good after removing the lid. I ordered the most normal item (without the egg). There’s green onions, kamaboko (fish paste) and fried tofu skin.

One thing to note about this miso udon stew is the ‘texture’ of the udon. It’s meant to be a little harder and chewy than the udon we normally eat. However, you may request to the staff to cook the udon a little longer.

I thought I might not finish the stew because it looks so thick and strong in taste but I actually finished it completely. It’s light and refreshing as compared to what I had imagine. So good that I want to eat it again during winter. 😀 (oops, sorry for re-using the photo)

While waiting for our orders to arrive, I spotted w-inds. signature!!!! 😀

By the way, there’s 2 restaurants in Tokyo too. Maybe I shall make a visit again before the year ends!

Official website: http://yamamotoya.co.jp/day/index.html

Main branch:

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