The sacred Ise Jingu (Inner Shrine)

Whoopies people!! How’s your Friday going? Hope Friday 13 doesn’t affect you in a way or another. 🙂 Although I’m suffering from 4 blisters on my toes.

I ended off previously with my visit to Ise Jingu’s outer shrine and here’s the continuation of Ise Jingu’s inner shrine (内宮). The inner shrine is also known as Kotaijingu (皇大神宮), is to house Amaterasu Omikami (天照大御神). For more history about the inner shrine, go Google. 😀

So Y-chan and I rushed through our lunch and dashed to the entrance of Ise Jingu’s inner shrine. It’s so much crowded as compared to the outer shrine. Look at the crowded entrance (ignore me and my sun umbrella 😛 ).

Do note that for outer shrine, you must walk at the left side of the path. Whereas for inner shrine, you walk the right side of the path.

My paparazzi Y-chan controls my camera most of the time because I was trying to upload photo on instagram. 😀 And the bridge we walked over is the Uji bridge. The Uji bridge (宇治橋) leads visitors into the sacred sanctuary.

My advice here: Do not wear HEELS when visiting shrine. Look at these 2 ladies on the left. They were walking so slowly that stalled the whole path behind. Also, it’s very difficult to walk properly as the path inside are covered with mini rocks. You might just trip and fall and hurt yourself. (Just my advice, but you can try wear your heels though)

I was so amazed by the lush greenery surrounding the inner shrine and I believed it’ll look superb in Fall, with different shades of colors. The sun was so strong that everyone walked under the shaded areas. The Temizusha

Isuzu River (五十鈴川) – This is the 2nd place to purify your hands here after the Temizusha.

I wonder how old are these trees. They were so TALL. 

This is the new house for the kami in inner shine.

Note: You may take photo from this angle, but once you are on the steps, you must not take any photos. It’s considered very rude to take photos of the kami.

LOOK at the queue. We waited for at least 20 minutes to reach the top.

Kaguraden (神楽殿)

The dried up Isuzu River.

The explanation board in Japanese for the inner shrine. 

After that, we headed to Okageyokocho (おかげ横丁). It’s a street filled with restaurants and souvenir shops. The pathways were so burning hot that I felt like I was melting.

As we are left with about 30 minutes, we went to queue for this very famous shaved ice, called Akafuku Koori (赤福氷). This shaved ice is only available in summer so we couldn’t give it a miss despite the long queue. 😀

It cost 500yen for a bowl. After purchasing, we were handed with this number tag and coupons. Once the shaved ice is ready, the staff will hand us the ice in exchange of the tag and coupons.  

The super crowded and warm environment yet everyone was enjoying their bowl of shaved ice. 😀

Then our orders came. ♥♥♥

The fillings inside were anko (red bean paste) and mochi, topped with shaved ice and green tea syrup. It was the perfect stuff to eat under such horrible weather.

We went back to the bus before setting off to another sight-seeing spot. 😀

Will take a break from the bus tour and continue on a food post next! Do continue to follow me!


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