My First BBQ in Japan (Part 2 of 2)

Hello everyone! I think I’ve vanished from this space for a while. I blame it on TBS (one of the free-to-view TV channels in Japan). Why? Because they re-aired 2 series of past dramas in the afternoon consecutively! I’m so sucked into the drama that I’ve forgotten to write my part 2 of my BBQ trip. (FYI, the 2 series of dramas I’ve watched were 魔王 and パパドル and today is Rookies.)

My previous post can be found here. 😀

So we slept at around 3+am but woke up at 7am. (crazy right?) After we finished our make-up and packing, we headed to the men’s cottage and were shocked at the scene.

YAKINIKU at 8.30am. (-__- || )

Okay, there’s a reason behind it. As there’s leftover meat from the BBQ the night before, and it’s quite risky to bring the raw meat back to our home since it will spoil under the heat. Mami-chan and I joined in this ‘morning party’ by having cup noodles. 😀

M-chan and my chicken noodles (at the bottom)

M-chan and my chicken noodles (at the bottom)

After eating, we did the last clean up of the cottage and check-out! Super in love with this place and if there’s another chance to go again, I’ll go without any complaints. 🙂

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We went to some sight-seeing after that since it was quite sunny compared to the day before. The first place we went to was Shiobara Onsen Momijidani bridge (塩原温泉 もみじ谷大吊橋). Y-chan totally freaked out at the length of the bridge (320m) and face changed when he step foot on it. The bridge swing the most when the whole group was at the middle of it. After reaching the other end of the bridge, took some photos and the organizer mentioned that we shall go to another sight-seeing spot. (I LOL-ed because Y-chan thought this nightmare was over but he forgotten there’s a return-route back to the parking area.) The next sight-seeing spot was quite deep inside the mountain and I almost gave up walking because I was wearing heeled sandals.

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We had lunch at Gusto (family restaruant) before heading towards the highway. Oh!! By the way, Nasu-Shiobara has this special way of ‘preserving’ nature. The signboards are all in white & brown colors. It’s such a unique scene but I didn’t managed to snap some of it! *shocked at myself* So I’ve searched google to compile it. 😀

Apparently, these white & brown signboards can also be spotted at Kyoto city. If you have the chance to go to Nasu Shiobara or Kyoto for holidays, try spotting it! 🙂

I’ll be sharing recipe in my next post! It’s been a long time since I wrote one. 😀


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