Assemble our own bed

Last weekend, Y-chan and I were stuck at home assembling our bed frame. We went to IKEA twice in a month (holes in my wallet due to the transportation fee 😦 ). First time was to check out the bed frames & mattresses and the second time was to place our order.

Our conclusion was this bed frame because the use of birch. 😀


We got the IKEA delivery staff to collect our old mattress for free because the old mattress was from IKEA too. So we started ‘work’ around evening and managed to complete everything except for the storage boxes because it requires hammer which we don’t have it at home. The whole set was completed on the following day after we went out to get a hammer. 🙂

I like IKEA’s self-assembly concept as it encourage bonding (i.e. to work with a partner) and of course, cost-saving! 😀 Speaking of cost-saving, I super love IKEA bistro’s menu because it’s cheap and good! I had strawberry flavored (Tochiotome – とちおとめ) soft-serve at just 100 yen! A while ago, I just checked their website and they have green tea flavored soft-serve for a limited time only.

Looking forward to our next trip to IKEA! 🙂


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